Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On The Brink Of Death

i think i have strep throat. my friend cookiebaby visited a few weeks back & she told me 'i hope you have a good immune system cos i think 2 of my rugrats have strep throat'. i didn't give it any thought cos i've never had it & figured i could fight whatever off. man, was i wrong. my glands have been so swollen that it hurts to even breathe, let alone sleep, talk, swallow or eat!
i mentioned to mom that i thought i might have strep throat & she said, 'that's dangerous. it could kill you & its really contagious. do you think you'll be okay for christmas?'. thanks alot mom. i really think i'll live but damn, i might not be able to swallow for a few weeks. maybe i shouldn't come for christmas? maybe nobody should get too close to me & by the way, thanks for the boost there. god only knows how we might cope. let alone my guilt if i visit for christmas & i contaminate anyone else. hello, get a grip & love me!!! i'm praying i don't kill anyone. if i do, i'm sure i'll pay for that one for the REST OF MY LIFE! needless to say, i'm medicating myself & i have a doctors appointment for the 5th of january. if i live that long... you'll be the first to know.


Walker said...

I hope you are feeling better and could enjoy Christmas with your family.
Just the same Merry Christmas to you and yours

Anonymous said...

The best cure for that is to gargle with some grapefruit seed extract drops in a glass of water two to three times per day. With in a day or two it'll disappear. Awesome stuff!