Monday, December 29, 2008

What Makes You?

well, we're coming up on the new year, are you ready? 2008 has been a tough year. it seems like everything that could go wrong has and to make matters worse having strep throat the last few weeks has been no fun. i don't know what 2009 will bring but here's hoping for a better way of life & an easier path to travel. for the most part the posts i've read lately all read like obituaries. gloom & doom seems to be the theme for the new year. i can't go into a new year with that outlook. so, i'm hoping to bring some cheer into the blogworld. who could not react to a beautiful young child that loves everything about his world? he thinks he's the luckiest kid in the universe & wants to love everybody in it! he gives hugs, kisses & smiles freely.
doesn't this make you smile?
he has his whole life ahead of him & i want it to be a wonderful life. i wish for him all the happiness for the rest of his life that he holds in the wonder of those beautiful blue eyes today. and i'll never forget taking this pic when i asked 'hey, dom, do you love me'? i snapped this as he was saying, 'i love you with my whole heart, mamaw'! he makes my world perfect.
and how about this gorgeous family? baby kb has that mischevious look of 'what can i get into today' swirling through her head. she's learning to sign as she learns to speak. she snags your heart when she signs 'please' for a cookie or 'thank you' when you give her a kiss. she's walking all over her new world & loving every minute of it. all stairs in her world are an adventure that she must conquer, not an obstacle. i wish for her & her family a long life of loving & learning together. of conquering the world with the enthusiasm that she tackles those stairs. may there always be bright stars in their lives that shines like the twinkle in her eyes.
theres another wish i'd like to make tonight. i wish, for all of you, to find what makes your world perfect. hold it near & dear to your heart. depend on it. count on it like you've never counted on anything.
around the corner is a new day, a new year & a new hope. reach for the stars my friends. i'm sure you'll find something wonderful too.


Walker said...

I hope this is a great year for you and your family.
They sure look happy from here and more of the same is always a blessing

Tammi said...

Ohh L.,
After posting my psycho pissed off post,I read this and for some reason,I just couldn't help but get fact the screen is a blur.
I THOUGHT the New Year started off so great until today.
Now you have me thinking about my lil AJ and how good it makes me feel to hear him say "PWEEZE MEE MEE"! To hell w/ these ignorant grown ups like my sister that is trying her best to steal my joy.
Thanks for this post sweety!

Tammi said...

I always speak my mind,so I just wanna tell you while I'm here,that I understand how hard it is to find time to get on the net...but I think alot of you,hun,and wish I could hear from you more.
You and I have so much in common.More-so than my other faves,for some I'm like a little kid jumping around trying to get your attention.LOL
Your just such a sweetheart,I hate not hearing from you.
Hope all is well,and email me sometime if you can,or swing by my blog-ola and let me know how you and the kiddo's are doing