Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Living On The Edge

yeah, i feel alot better. today is the first day i've actually felt human. i've been doing a salt water rinse & gargle along with lots of antibiotics. it finally worked. through all my throat aches having to answer the phones hasn't helped but the work must go on. so i swallowed gently (impossible) & endured to just get through. i took off today through the weekend to give my throat some well needed rest. hopefully by monday i'll be back to normal & ready to tackle another few days. i also took off thur. & fri. of next week for new years & the dreaded birthday thingy. not related to the sore throat just to finish off the year in a lazy mood. i like working just 3 or 4 days aweek. i think everybody should only have to work a few days a week & be able to accomplish things like healing & gardening or whatever for the rest of the week. in my defense i'd like to mention that the gifts are all wrapped & the stockings are all stuffed so my christmas 'have to's' are all in order. now, i'm allowed to be lazy & sick.
tomorrow is christmas & i'll be spending that at my inlaws. friday we go to my mothers. sometime in between i have to let the kids open our gifts. that may have to wait till saturday morning. at least now i can give kisses without having to worry about sharing my strep throat & killing an undeserving family member.
uh um, mom, i'm not contagious anymore. now can i come get my christmas gifts?