Thursday, September 10, 2009

End Of The Line

why is it through the week a half dozen things happen & i think, man this is definitely blog material! but the minute i sit down to start writing my brain just goes blank. i have to sit on it for awhile till it comes back to me.
oh snap! i remember. as i was walking to the mail room today i passed along the train route. we have a small train that takes you on a trip around the grounds. it takes about 15 or 20 minutes round trip. at the spot where it passed me was on its way over the lake. as employees we're asked to wave at the occupants as it passes us. its a thrill to the kids to wave at us. thats why i stopped on the bridge & was standing there letting it ride by me. i usually try to race it from one spot to the next cos we have these crossroad arms that drop & it seems like forever before they raise & you can cross the tracks again. so, i'm standing there waving when the end of the train comes from behind the trees & i'm thinking 'thank goodness, its gone'. but along behind the train comes 2 of the guys that had been hanging our christmas lights along the track. one is carrying an extention cord coiled around his arm. the other is lifting the end of the cord up off the tracks. turned out just before the train started over the lake the end of the extention cord bounced & wrapped around the tail of the train. the guys had jogged half way around the tracks trying to get it loose. and me without my camera. what are the chances of that? and christmas is still months away. i can't wait to see what happens next.


Tamara said...

THATS ME!!! I carry the dang camera even when I think theres no chance of a pic I'd want,and son-of-a-b***....THATS the day I would need my camera the MOST!lol
I'm, laughing my a*** off cuz I see I'm not the only ding-dong that misses the good shit!!lol
loooove ya!