Friday, September 11, 2009


we must never forget.
blessings to all the families dealing with lost love ones. blessings to the lost loves & the brave souls that are still fighting that war. later.


Tammi said...

Its hard to believe even NOW that that really happened.
Thanks for the post.
oh,and btw.....I'm back now(for what it's
Thanks for coming by and letting me know that we are on the same team,moreless.
Your too cool,Lindy!!!

Tamara said...

Ok---so now it looks like I'm a frickin stalker commenting back 2 back.lololol
Well,I forgot to mention something.Ok(taking deep breathe)
I have this sorta childish side of here I am commenting like crazy on your blog endlessly...and I would never see you on mine...but wait,thats NOT the kicker...THAT didnt make me mad.What infuriated me was when I would frequent Walkers blog,and lo and behold,your there on post after post,leaving me out in the cold.
WHEW!! OK so I said it.I got one word for my childish shit.
JEALOUS HEFFER. Well,that's two.So ok...I do get jealous not getting your attn.Sounds gay(as my kids say)...but I adore your stories about the kids and all the cute names everyones got,and all...and ...well...blah...blah..blah..
So what can you do? Spank my ass through the internet?
Haw haw!
So,another words,when I dont hear from you and see you all over the place the evil jealous Tammi rears her ugly face.
Well,wait....never been sorry for speaking the truth.
Cuz I think your cool.
I'll end it on that note.