Sunday, September 20, 2009

K-boos B-Day

hubby's only niece turned 2 last week & we were invited to bring the kids to her birthday party. baby bro & his wife just bought a house & k-boo was getting a brand new swing set/fort for her birthday. although it wasn't completely put together it was enough to keep the kids entertained for hours. and entertain it did. it kept the adults busy too. k-boo isn't interested in cake so she had a carved watermelon & ice cream. she had lots of gifts to keep her busy. i was surprised that she opened one gift at a time & wanted to indulge in each one individually. she sat on mommys lap & read books as she opened them. she pulled strings & pushed buttons. it was fun to watch. child definitely has patience! she wanted to pull her shirt off & try on new clothes right there in the back yard! she was amazed with all the new things. she had received a new toy stove & refrigerator set before we even got there. one guy showed up with his dog cos he didn't have kids. we started out with 2 balls. the big one you see ix on in that top pic & a smaller kick ball. can you see this coming? yeah, within just about a half hour, of the dog & balls, both were history. the dog was wore out & the balls were busted. ce la vive! needless to say, the kids found other things to do with the busted balls. typical, you buy them a swing set & they'd rather play with the box it came in. we had a great time & the kids were invited back for a stayover. talk about a glutine for punishment!