Monday, July 26, 2004

99% Positive

well, i posted a whole lot of stuff last night. somehow, i lost the whole thing.
it began with the title line... 99% positive as well.
my son was requested to appear in court sometime in june to make arrangements for a paternity test. he had to take that test on june 24. the test results r in & they turned out to be positive. when he dropped the kids off on friday he also dropped the bombshell. He has also fathered twin girls that r now 2 1/2 years old.
he's not supposed to be able to have kids. when he was 4 years old he was run over by a tractor. it was in deep mud & his little bones being soft didn't even break anything. but it smushed him enough that it backed the blood up in his eyes. the doctors told us then that it probably damaged his reproductive chances. they weren't even sure what it might have done to the rest of his organs. only time would tell.
he's been in 2 relationships that was committed enough that they wanted children. married, committed &/or planning for a family but it never happened. we attributed that to his possible inability to procreate. well, guess what? they were WRONG.
i've been there from the beginning with dominic. i was the first to be told that i was gonna be a grandma. i was told, in the beginning, that if it was a girl her name would be 'amber eudella' & a boy would be named 'dominic chad' (the name being a family thing) i was in on everything. whenever there was a doctors appointment & what was said. i was told the weight gain & i got to hear the heartbeat. i got to see the birth which was a c-section cos he was coming out breach. i took pictures during the entire birth. i was right there through all of it. daddy held him first & i held him next while mommy had her tubes tied. i watched them clean, measure, weigh & dress him. he's my everything. my life, my love, my man, the apple of my eye. he's the first grandson for me & the first great anything for my family. i love him dearly & with all of my heart.
but, now we find out he's not the first. he's the 3rd. doesn't matter to me. he rocks & he's the stuff that makes this old heart tick. everything about him is too cool. he has such a great personality already. he grabs my face now, and asks, 'do ya love me'. he's trying to twist his tongue upside down (which is also a family thing). he's just so great for a little kid.
this will be so different. i haven't gotten a chance to see these kids. twin girls...2 1/2 years old. blond haired, green eyed baby girls. OMG, how do u jump into someones life & just start intwining? where do u start? how do u start? i am so anxious to see how this turns out. my son & the mothers of these kids all seem to be handling it. very adult. it makes me proud to see my son handling such a grownup thing in such a grownup way. he truly rocks.
so, to my new granddaughters i would like to say 'welcome to the family & i hope we are all whatever you need us to be. i always want to be a part of your lives. i truly hope that we can make a good impression in your lives.'


ray ray said...

Good luck from a random blogsurfer on your new grandchildren that sounds shocking.

as far as linking and picasa or hello, open your hell software and email a pic to your bloogerbot with a caption and it'll automatically post.

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