Wednesday, July 21, 2004

I'm Blank

i need to blog & have been thinking about it for days. i have things come up all the time that i want to remember.  when i actually sit down to put it in type my mind goes blank. now thats out of the way watch this turn out to be one of my longest blogs.
hubby has added a counter to his blog & is going to put one here for me. of course, his gonna fix the vcr, paint the ceiling & finish the water heater too. there are some things that he will jump on & the rest usually gets done by me eventually. i created an album on snapfish then discovered that i need to use picasa instead. which i did but i still haven't figured out how to link that in the sidebar. i just haven't gotten to it yet. am i lazy? well, duh!!! i'll be the first to tell u yes, and don't forget i love my sleep. and i used to love to read but i don't have time for all that these days.
dom has gotten to be a trip. he talks & chatters constantly. some words u can catch, some are a mystery. two of my favorite words are guck (duck) & goggie (doggie). reminds me that his daddys was druck (truck) & deelings (feelings).  i've been trying to get him to say 'i love u'. something i couldn't wait for his daddy to say when he was a child & now i remember the excitement of experiencing all those new words with him. he tries to say i love u but he does this weird little twist with his tongue & it sounds like 'i glaa glaa'. i know what he means. last weekend he woke up from a nap & said 'oh shit'. it had just been said on tv right before he looked up at me. he must have heard it though.
sorry but i have to go fast right now. hubby is ready for the counter thingy..