Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Timing Is Everything

at least in my house. u'll notice occasionally i have a fairly long time between blogs. well, the hubby is a computer hog to put it mildly. if, and only if, i beat him to turning the damn thing on do i get to even use it for the day. unless i just gripe so much he gets tired of hearing it. then he may give it up. mind u, not always does this work. that's why the gap between blogs.
i read a blog yesterday that a guy had been put on suspension for his blog. apparently he had mentioned some of his superiors in the blog & they didn't appreciate what he said about them. is that legal? isn't that infringing on ur first amendment rights? if he had a rally defending himself i would march with him. i think u should be able to express ur own opinions without having to answer to ur boss. of course i'm talking away from the job. i mean the only people i feel i have to answer to is my god & my parents. even my parents don't push that. but if they asked i would succumb to whatever they asked. because i was raised to respect them & their rules.
so, this past weekend was the worst weekend i've ever had with ixxie. i don't know what's going on with her but her stubborness is getting out of hand. i actually had to spank her. i've never spanked her before cos i've always been able to talk sense into her. not this weekend. she refused to do anything we asked & after having several talks she still continued to do what i asked her not to. so, i threatened her with a spanking. she simply ignored me anyway. she's getting worse with dom too. meaner & more sneaky. now she tries to hurt him when u'r not looking & lies about what she did. i've lost my patience with her. i am from a broken home so i know that kids like her needs extra attention. she just really makes it hard. she also still thinks it's funny that she "broke dom" & i can't forgive her for that. i'm trying hard to get my younger sis to take more interest in her cos they go to church more often than i do. maybe church will have some influencing effect on her (should that be affect?).
on the other hand, dom is getting more & more entertaining. he's noticed that our dog(a minature shelty)is a hoover of sorts. she's picky but she eats alot of things that hit the floor. this weekend while papaw, ixxie & him ate popcorn some of it landed on the floor. he looked around the room & spotted m across the room & called for her to come eat the num-nums. he also points out the moon. he loves showers as opposed to bathes. he makes the most horrible face when eating grapes but after the initial burst he loves them. what's that all about? i think he's gonna be a computer wiz. he can already sign onto the web without any help. we're not sure how he even does it but he can do it anytime he wants. no, he's not ready to type just yet but i'll teach him quickly. he looks so funny with his missing tooth. i hope as he grows up the kids don't tease him over that. they could change his whole life by making fun of him. before i pictured he'd be a ladies man like his daddy. now, this could change his security about himself. it doesn't seem to bother him. yet. he's so tough we call him 'rock' these days.
i dropped my watch in the dishwater tonight. hope it doesn't ruin it.
work is booming. we're so busy right now we don't have time to think..
well, guess i've rambled on enough. i think we're all caught up. i'll let u go for now.