Saturday, July 03, 2004


for those who don't know, that means, 'what would jesus do'. we spent 4 hours at the hospital tonight. actually we spent 4 hours between 2 hospitals. no big deal as far as the doctors were concerned. just a matter of a general practioner saying i think he may need an oral surgeon & rushing him another 16 miles to get him to another hospital. but my beautiful grandson who had 24 teeth now only has 23 teeth. they simply pulled his tooth (front top left) & sent him home. why u ask? how did this stupid crap happen? his sister decided, after all the time she's been told not to lift him, that tonight would be the night she showed her ass & stumbled her way across the floor carrying him. after 4 times of being told to put him everyone in the room...she gracefully (ixxiefully) & predictably (even more ixxiefully) fell with him. i guess he must have turned his head just right to catch the side of the coffee table with his tooth cos it was folded straight out. for the first 7 or 8 minutes it was a freaked out decision call. there was a lot of blood & he was crying. 'it's his lip-oh no-its his tooth-oh god-what is it- guys we need to take him to the hospital-maybe they can save it- when we got him to open his mouth & saw the tooth we tried to move it back in place. nobody wanted to make him cry any more than he was & we certainly didn't want to hurt him. we just wanted to get this fixed. we all really hoped they could save it. put it back & wait for his permanent teeth to come in or something. But we all knew that they would just take it out. i just can't believe sissy had to hurt him so soon after he blessed us all. i leave this in gods hands cos i felt like spanking her for being so irresponsible & hard headed. if she had only put him down the first time she was told maybe it wouldn't have happened.