Saturday, July 17, 2004

My Heart Is Breaking

i feel really bad. when i called about getting the kids this week. mommy told me that ellie had a big old bruise on her cheek. the whole family was out in the yard.  daddy & dom was on the riding lawn mower. ellie was supposed to be playing on the porch. well, mommy picked up a landscape timber to move out of the way & cracked ellie right in the jaw. who turned out to not be minding (as usual) & was  no longer on the porch but standing right behind her. looking at ellies' face is breaking my heart. she bit the inside of her jaw & it's swollen as big as a baseball. poor baby. i felt so bad for her when i first saw her that i cried. from guilt or sympathy i'm not sure. this is karma or something though. what comes around goes around kinda thing. u should never laugh when u hurt someone else. it will definitely come back to haunt u. she learned that the hard way (or is her lesson to listen & mind when u'r told to do something?) papaw & i took them shopping today & bought her some new clothes. we also rented some movies for her including shrek. i've been giving her baby aspirin & letting her chew on ice cubes. plus, of course, she's eating icy pops. don't u wish u could just keep them all safe from harm always? it will never happen. they grow up & leave the nest sooner or later. then u can only hope u taught them right & pray for them everyday to be safe & healthy.
hubby is craving the pc right now. i've been in with the kids while he worked in the garden. but they have a way of keeping u busy. u know? now that he's done out there he wants to do his thing. he gets about 5 newspapers from around the world. wouldn't u think he'd get enough bad news right here at home? i do. on top of that he loves to surf the web. while he was layed off he spent entire days on the web. i'd try to call home & always get a busy signal. but let me email him & he'd get right back to me. and then i created a monster. i introduced him to the world of blogging. when i learn how, i'll link him for u. back to the topic... right now he wants me hurry so he can 'do his thing tonight.' i remember a day when i could play anytime i wanted to as long as i wanted to. ahh, for the good ole days.
dom has adjusted to his missing tooth. amazing how kids bounce, isn't it? he's getting big enough now that  u can't keep him in any playpen of any kind. he can say anything he wants. and he likes to hit. i think he's gonna be a bully!!! except when u pretend to cry he cries too. if u fuss at ellie & she cries, he cries too. it's a wonder both these kids don't think their names are 'NO' & 'DON'T' though.  seems like thats what u'r saying to them more than anything else. why do they stress test u all the time? they have all the toys in the world & would rather play with the crystal nic nacs.
ellie is picking up her papaws bad habits. she likes to watch 'dr. who' & 'mystery science theater'. papaw, for all his faults, is a walking set of encyclopedias. he knows alot about anything u need to know about. he is amazing with his brain capacity. i've never known anyone that can retain so much information. sometimes it is just useless information but when u ask about something he can tell u.
i love my family. i'm gonna go enjoy them now. dom is high fiving & yelling something about
'i did it'