Monday, March 21, 2005

And The Award Goes To

(drum roll please) my head!! for giving me the migraine from hell for the past few days. by 9:15am friday i received a call from the gate asking if i knew my car was puking all over the parking lot? no, but i assured them i was sure it would stop really soon. not to worry. within 2 seconds i received a call from our ground center asking if i had been advised that my car was puking? i felt a dull ache beginning. by 9:30 someone came into the office & told me they heard my car was doing tricks. i decided to check this out. as i walked to the parking lot i passed deb who said 'man, do you know your car is puking?' glaring at her 'yeah, everybody knows that by now.' when i met up with the security manager just outside the parking lot he yelled ' you have to see this. the damn thing is dancing. this is a life threatening hazard that we can't have on grounds. it could kill someone'. by the time we reached the parking lot rumor had it the car was flipping, flopping, spinning on its roof & twisting on its back tires. hell, singing karaoke even. i didn't see anything, goofy people. but i moved the car off grounds & proceeded to make a doctors appointment. after a quick look the diagnosis was about $70.00 & she would be ok. something about od'ing on gasoline & a sensor of some sort. plus fouling plugs. dammit i didn't need this. hubby needs to get back to work soon. our bank account is showing signs of strain.
on the way home i got stuck in a traffic jam caused by a wreck on a little 2 lane road. after sitting on a bridge for 20 minutes a cop came through telling us it was gonna be another 20 to 30 minutes. this really didn't help my mood or my migraine. but let the weekend begin.
to make matters worse. we had all 4 aliens this weekend. 3 girls over 1 boy makes for a click that you can not invade. they squeeze him out of everything. he can't play with dolls cos thats a girl toy. he can't play with the animals cos they have them shared so so & there is no extras. the only thing he gets is the bike which apparently gets boring after awhile. jammer retaliates by hitting & taking toys. then its a screaming match. why do girls have to be so mean? and possessive? and jeez the piercing scream that they insist on using. it has to go.
not to mention that the twins have been potty trained for 3 months now. both of them pissed their panties & within a half hour after being changed they pissed themselves again. i found out that their mother had them for a week & let them wear pullups, allowing them to go in their panties instead of taking them to the potty. needless to say i gave her a piece of my mind. i hope it attacked her the same as it was attacking me.
on the other hand, jammer was too cute for words when he & i went to the store. i took him just to get him away from the meanness & let him pick the 'chups' as he puts it. thats potato chips to me or you. when we got to the counter he asked the clerk to open them. the clerk said he thought we should wait till we got home & memaw would open them for him. i told the clerk jammer had no patience. jammer looked at him & repeated 'i haaa no patience'. the second clerk looked at him & said 'you what?' he told her 'i haaa no patience'. they were still laughing when we got into the car to leave.
ok. i have to go now. things to do & people to see.