Thursday, March 17, 2005

Green What?

erin go braugh my ass. hubby is falling over the coffee table when i get home from work & tells me 'no, honey, i'm not buzzed'. says alot for his day. i need to know just how much green shit he has consumed & just what ALL green shit he has consumed cos this is scary. if i get that fucked up please let me remember it. i don't want to forget that i had that great of a buzz going. ever.
more later,
i'm sure.


Rainex said...

When I was a child I fell
through our glass coffee
table ( a 70's gross-out
affair) Ma say's "Whotcha
want to do that for?" As I
lay bleeding. Nice.
Have some more green stuff.

Lindy.. The Alien Keeper said...

Mine is always 'did ya wreck? are ya hurt?' the kids always say 'yeah, i wrecked, no, i'm not hurt.'

Rainex said...

Not too wrecked Lindy!
I have a couple of little
scars on the backs of
my legs, the rest was
just surface scatches.
So I survived!