Monday, March 07, 2005

For The Love Of

this weekend when sonny & honey showed up to retrieve their children jammer got daddys coat & found a candy bar hidden in a pocket. jeez, u should have seen his excitement. 'daddy!' (his cute little one step dance here) 'daddy!' as he ran to daddy stuffing it down his pants. yes, i said down his pants. daddy wasn't sure what he had so i whispered, 'ur candy'. 'no buddy, shhh, be quiet & we'll eat it after everybody is in bed.' sneaky boys. sonny has always been like that. if u didn't know he had candy, ur loss. he'd be glad to share if he was busted with it but bottom line if he could hide it from u, he would. apparently, jammer is ok with not sharing it with anyone else. at least he gets his share. i can't help but get tickled at watching the bonding thing between my son & grandson. he adores his daddy & follows him around, sash shaying his ass, like he's the cock of the walk. he struts when his daddy is around trying to look just like him as he walks through the house. he's safe. he's happy. he can run to daddy & he's protected. that is his god!
(Dammit! i'm gonna try to repost it as it was but i just tried to post this blog & lost the whole damn thing. damn blogspot.)don't u hate when that happens?
i've decided on nicknames for the twins. 'al' will be known as snarky. cos she's really got that snarky attitude going on. she's the little bitchie one that looks at u like she knows something u don't. she gives orders to the other kids & us if she thinks she can get away with it. she' really mouthie & bossy. 'he' will now be known as snookums. she's the biggest eyed cry baby u'll ever meet. i think crying comes easy for her cos when she opens her eyes really wide all that air wisping across them makes them water. thus making her 'appear' to be crying. look out guys this girl is one u want to run from. she's gonna drain u dry while she cries u a river.
last but not least. we have the visiting bitch from hell. i came home from work yesterday to be greeted at the door by a jack russell terrier. apparently her daddy was pulled over again & when they ran his license they found he had outstanding traffic violations. now, in my opinion, i figure there must be pretty many or they wouldn't have arrested him on the spot. so, the way hubby describes it, our friends mommy showed up with this dog that she couldn't care for. her allergies or something. her being the dear mommy that she is & we love her to death, hubby couldn't say no. hence, the 'visitor'. the 'from hell' part. lets start with...she has hot spots that apparently itch... ALOT..and the scratching includes both teeth & claws. not to mention my carpet, couch is a favorite, chairs are fair game, bed if she can get in it, even the curtains where she can reach them. (she's a climber. u'd be amazed.) she lays on top of the cushions on the couch & chair using u for support as well as the wall. she's shit in the house at least twice already & hasn't been here for 25 hours yet. she's been let outside 30 times today alone but still manages to crap in the house & try to bury it. which also involves all the above mentioned items. she insisted on sleeping in our bed last night & had to be told about a dozen times to quite digging. oh, how about she's bolted on us two times as well. which resulted in my black eyes from the double d's smacking me in the face while chasing her for 30 minutes. that u know does not make me happy. to top that off sore boobages from all that jerking & smacking. she looks at mr. p like he's dinner & ms. m is too excitable for this little hellion. ms. m has seizures if she gets too excited. sometimes they can last up to 5 minutes each & follow one after another.
the only thing u can do is talk her through them & love her up. try to calm her down. eventually she comes out of it. gets sick. it's over. at times, she's had one every day for a week & then gone for 6 months without one.
and as an update....visiting bitch from hell just ate the cord to the bathroom heater....too bad it wasn't plugged in.
damn, that would have learned her!!