Saturday, March 19, 2005

Green What II

please pay attention & don't make me repeat myself.
yes, because i'm very upset right now i will probably repeat myself many times without realizing it & therefore u won't need to ask me to repeat this. yes, i'm on my own....
we have all 4 grandkids tonight. one has bonked her head on a chair 3 times now. one has been kicked 3 times at this point. do i think they bring this on themselves? yeah, but i wish they were all nicer to each other.
my extreme for the night is we went grocery shopping today. me & hubby. all alone..any input will be considered. just what the fuck was this?
we were finishing up, grocery shopping done. good. we've remembered all the necessities, gotta get the milk & have just a few last items to pick up on our way out. all of a sudden he is doing his best hitler impersonation. he's leaning way back from his hip up & lifting his legs high! high like a march. like he's having trouble lifting them. i asked him if he was all right & should he just go to the car & wait. well, he agreed that he was feeling really weird he should go to the car & i could tell by the look in his eyes he knew i was on the verge of embarrassment. now, remember yesterday when he was falling around & i started getting worried about what he had consumed? As he walks away from me he reaches out & grabs a display. the woman stocking it grabs him by the arm cos he has lost his balance completely & is on his way down. by the time i got to him 2 other women have hold of him supporting him & he doesn't even know who i am as i reach out to take one arm & explain to the women that he's my husband. we get him outside still doing the high stepping thing & he has no idea where he is, who he is or what he's doing. we got through the door with the help of one of the employees & to a bench so i could get the car. as we get to the bench he realizes who i am & says 'honey, i can't feel my legs.' by the time we got home he was ok. no signs of anything. he says he feels fine now & doesn't know what happened.
any ideas? yeah, i'll make an appointment for him. i think he needs a complete physical. sounds like something in the brain to me but i'm not a doctor. if i was i'd prescribe a divorce.


Steven said...

I agree, it sounds suspiciously brain related. My kid had a brain tumor and he was all off balance and stuff. From what you describe though it sounds like it could be a blood clot, which could lead to a stroke. I would definitely get it checked out pronto.