Monday, March 28, 2005

Holidays, Nightmares, And Blood.. Oh My

happy easter all who partakes of the holiday. yeah, i've always done it for the kids but my heart is not in the whole eggs, egg hunts, toys, new outfits, easter bunny, colored grass, candy in the basket thing. it's all just too much. give me a church & a quiet day & i'm happy. i prefer to think about the Jesus aspect of the holiday. but we did it with jammer & ixxie. the twins went to their moms. i haven't heard any reports back about my 2 cents i shared with her over the twins or if the girls got anything for easter.
we colored eggs saturday night & tried on our new outfits. talked about the easter bunny & hubby even put in a dvd on the life of Jesus Christ. it rained all day but we made the best of it.
our feast consisted of baked ham, mustard potato salad, mac & cheese, baked beans & deviled eggs. mmm, sounds good to me right now & it didn't take all day to cook.
oh but hubby decided to hide eggs outside in the one window between rains. i begged him last night not to hide them outside cos they had called for nothing but rain all day. he just couldn't give it up. needless to say the color ran off the eggs by the time the kids got to go out & hunt them. we finally gave up & hunted them in the rain. what was really bright eggs turned out to be a really dull ordeal.
i woke up this morning & remembered a dream i had last night. it might be a nightmare but i don't know. i dreamt that i walked in on hubby in a bed, cuddling with his ex. they were both nekkid. they saw me & got a really surprised look on their faces. thats when i walked over & busted her right in the mouth. i knew i did her up good cos the blood splurted everywhere & it was bright red. (i sound like a 13 year old) i got her good, real good. especially cos as i walked out the door i stole her shoes. they were black & resembled a favorite pair of mine. but as i went down the road i tore them into little pieces & tossed them out of the window. why in the world i dreamed about his ex is beyond me. really i'm not normally a jealous person. and i've always thought they deserved each other. i remember her voice. she had a fran dreshler kind of nasal voice thing going on. oh yeah, they always called each other 'love'. 'what can i get you, love'? still gags me remembering it. did i ever tell you i dated hubby years before i married him? yeah, back then we decided to go our separate ways cos it just didn't feel right. me thinks i shoulda stuck to my gut feeling. goofy man thinking he can sleep with his ex & hide eggs in the rain on me all in one day. anyway, the early years will have to wait for another day.
i just thought i'd drop in & tell a few more tales. so everyone enjoy.