Wednesday, March 30, 2005

What Email Gets You

i emailed hubby today to tell him with the kids coming this weekend if we didn't do a cuddle night it wouldn't be possible for another week. i swear you'd have thought i told him christmas was here. he got all giggley ? and talking fast. he emailed me 3 times in return. what to do... what to do? the final one saying everything was ready.
he met me in the driveway in his overcoat with his socks & shoes showing. yeah, it's cold out here. and he obviously didn't have on anything under the overcoat. when i got into the house the shoes were kicked off, socks yanked & coat lost. nekkid!!! he led me down the hallway to the bathroom. i could hear music oozing from behind the door. when he opened the door the sweet aroma of several smells hit me. there were candles burning, a tub ran & candles sitting everywhere. i could smell lavendar, coconut, annise, sandalwood...and yeast? yep, he even had a beer waiting. while i soaked & drank my beer he ordered pizza. i finally got out & was asked to just stay nekkid. i said what about the pizza dude? he wanted to meet the guy at the door with both of us wearing nothing but our overcoats. just to give him something to wonder about for the rest of the night.
i bet he sees that shit all the time.
my cuddle night isn't over.


Rainex said...

My friend 'Big Mark'
answered the door to
a pizza guy naked once.
I love those guys-nothing
fazes them! Sounds like
you had a hot night Lindy!

Lindy.. The Alien Keeper said...

And they come too far between & too few these days. Gotta get what we can.