Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Hands Of Justice

my mind is fried. not enough input time & too much output. it's not so much the learning as the keeping up with
due to my boring life i tend to read alot of blogs. i've been reading 'jay's party' all day. go visit him here... he's the kind of guy that gets nominated for blog of the year & shit like that. when i started reading him he was a single, really cool guy, that always told the funniest stories. recently married & found out he's gonna be a daddy to twins even. he still tells the funniest stories & with todays post alone he's received over 120 comments. just today. do u know how many hits he had to have gotten today? i love reading some of the blogs i find. his has been one of the best. he's the kind of guy that thanks all his commentors when he's been elected for blog of the year. then manages to find some ladies dissin on him (is that the word?) and puts the entire conversation on his blog to be seen by all. see, too funny.
alot of it though is by the time i get home & get things all settled down here, including myself, i'm just tired. and i don't want to look at another monitor.
like now.
but check out jay's site today & say 'hi'. he loves the attention. btw, he has a beautiful wife. and 2 beautiful babies that have yet to be introduced.


Jay said...

she's more than beautiful. she's positively breathtaking. and she's been that way since i met her 3 years ago.

thanks for the kudos. that was sweet of you. sorry it took me a day or two to find it. ;)

Lindy.. The Alien Keeper said...

Jay, i think you're probably the coolest blog i read. ur writing is so honest & ur personality stands out in every post. U've impressed me on so many levels that I would be proud to say u were my son.