Sunday, March 19, 2006


honey hit a deer . don't ask me when cos that was never clear with her. she couldn't pinpoint on what day she actually hit the deer. just that it was raining & she slowed down to go around a corner & just as she started to speed up all of a sudden there were 3 deer standing in front of her & she swerved to miss-turned around & clapped her hands-touched the ground -&-clicked her heels 3 times all to no avail. she literally destroyed the front of the car. the hood & dog house will all have to be replaced. but that meant if i wanted the kids i had to drive an hour & 1/2 south to pick them up & take them home on sunday. bleck! i hate to drive the expressway. those people are crazy! yes, i did it. i have to have my alien fix or i go nuts!
i have to win the lottery so i can quit work & move closer to them. so i can be with them all the time.