Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Love & Aliens & ETC.

sorry, i get caught up in life & forget that i'm supposed to blog about this shit. we did get the kids this weekend but he kept them on friday & brought them to us on saturday. sonny called friday & said he'd really missed his babies & wanted to spend some time with them. which was fine with me. go, go daddy kick ass!!! impress me!
saturday when he dropped them off they were good cos daddy was in a hurry..
but jammer told me as soon as daddy left that i didn't love him as he glared at me with squinted eyes. i said you've heard mommy saying that to daddy haven't you? maybe on the phone? it was the way he said it. really mean. i could just imagine her saying it & acting the way jammer was acting (i've seen her look just like that). he told me yes, mommy said it. i assured him we all loved him & daddy loved mommy & he said he knew.
the rest of the weekend was just like every weekend before. jammer being his sweet self & ixxie screaming that jammer took her toys.
ahhhhh...... grandparents!!! again...
i did convince jammer he was an alien. i've had him doing the 'et-phone home' finger move since he was about 11 monthes old. i'll hold my finger up to him & he puts his fingertip to mine & says 'phone home'. its gonna be a rule with me that we always remember this. its something i can do in church even without saying a word & he'll understand what it means. the twins do it too.
this weekend we watched ET & when he saw that he looked at me. 'memaw, did you see what he did.' i said 'yeah, wonder where he learned that?' jammer said 'from us? i am an alien'. i said 'yup, we all are.' he said 'i love being an alien.'