Saturday, March 18, 2006

Where Is Waldo

at what point do you wake up & smell the roses? when do you ask yourself how much you take before you quit? sonny has talked to a lawyer & although they aren't married & although she's never worked to help with the bills she can take his home. she didn't know how to write a check when he took her in but she reaps all that he's sowed if they split. including half of his bank account. isn't that a crock of shit? thats what he gets for being a caring, responsible adult . he loses everything he has worked 15 years to have. what have i created?
she says she won't press charges & the police tell him they aren't gonna pick them up cos she's crazy & they feel sorry for him being with her. but what the judge decides will be the closing factor. that will be tuesday. cross your fingers that its dismissed for him.
i can't help but think like mother like daughter. mom isn't giving you enough attention so you try to get teachers attention by telling a lie on mommy. putting mommy in jail. mom isn't getting enough attention so she tells the cops a lie getting daddy in trouble. sick, sick people.
taking this stupid scenario one step farther. sonny disappeared for the most part of this week. he told me he lost his phone last weekend so he may not be able to call me much this week. he was gonna check at his cousins house & see if he left it there. on monday i called the cell phone & it went to voice mail. he didn't call back. i figured he hadn't had any luck finding it. tuesday his papaw called me to see if i had heard from him. i told him no but i was getting ready to call around & see if i could find him. i talked to his uncle that he'd been staying with & he said he left monday night to go to his cousins looking for his cell phone. he didn't take any clothes & was planning on working with him the rest of the week but that he hadn't seen him since. wednesday honey called worried that he hadn't even called to talk to jammer. he always keeps in touch with jammer even when he's working out of town. by thursday i was panicking. where could he be? i called everyone i could think of including the cousin he was going to see. which i never got an answer at. i even called the hospitals in his area to make sure he wasn't laying in some room not knowing who he was. finally, i called her brother. he lives pretty close to sonny & i know he drops in on him once in awhile. he told me sonny took off with a truck driver friend & they were speeding across the country on some kind of a drug run. wtf? nooooo!!! what has gotten into him? stupid, stupid, stupid! i thought he gave up partying when he had a kid.
sonny finally called on thursday. i was ready to call the cops so its a good thing he called. turns out he did take off with a truck driver but only to unload his cargo a little north of home to make a little money. when they got there the guy had another load he had to go farther north to pick up. since sonny had left everything at home he had no cash & the unloading thing fell through cos the company had guys there to do it meaning he didn't make the money he thought he would. therefore no calls. and thank god no drugs. (wait till i get my hands on his cousin)
scare the shit out of me one more time & i'm gonna disown him.
but i think he made his point to psycho bitch.