Sunday, March 05, 2006

Happy Hour

in hell. thats what a few drinks in that crazy psycho bitch that my son lives with turns into.
this weekend has been a memorable one. as far as i can summize she had a fun & frolicing night planned that turned into her 'i didn't get my way night so you will pay'. she had dropped the kids off before i even got home from work. i called about 7 to talk to him & she told me he hadn't made it home yet. she had talked to him on the phone & he was supposed to be on his way home but she would have him call me when he got in. she was drunk then. slurring her words & giving me waaayyyy too much detail. things i don't want to think my son has ANY part of. he called back about 8 to say he couldn't really talk but he wanted me to know he was home. apparently the fun had already begun.
fun being defined here by a crazy woman with very little self esteem & even less intelligence.
sonny spent friday night in jail because he came home to a crazy drunk psycho bitch that decided to call the police & pretend that he was beating her.
let me fill you in with her side of the story in my words.
his boss called early friday to let him know that the job they were supposed to do had fallen through. sonny called his uncle to see if he could use some help on his roofing job he had to do that day. uncle says, hell yeah, he can use all the help he can get so sonny goes off with him to do the job. well, with the extra hand the job was getting finished quicker than he thought so they stayed to finish up so they could collect the pay. which put sonny coming home at about 7:30 instead of the 4:00 that psycho bitch thought was plenty of time to do a job. she decided the best way to prepare was to have a few drinks while she stewed waiting on him to get home. needless to say, by the time he arrived home she was toasted & started on him as soon as he walked in the door. sonny likes to come home, get a shower, have dinner & settle in for the night. apparently, it made her even madder that he went about his night & ignored her trying to start a fight.
although this was all beknownst to me but thank god we had the kids. at least they didn't have to be there for this one. this all happened friday night while we played candyland.
saturday morning we get a call from honey that she's coming to pick up the kids. i'm like whats up? thats when she proceeded to tell me that sonny had punched her several times & kicked her in her pubic bone while he had her down on the floor. that he had threatened her with calling the cops so she 'made it happen'. she called the cops & he was in jail. she couldn't tell me when he'd be released, if he had a court date, what the charges were or any other detail about this lovely turn of events but she could fill me in on what she was planning on letting him remove with his teeth the night before for christs sake. any time sonny has ever gotten into trouble i'm the first one he calls. i couldn't help but wonder if she was telling the truth & he was really ashamed of himself but on the other hand this just didn't sound like my son. i had no choice but to think the worst since i had nothing else to base my opinion on but what she had told me.
although i was a little pissed off that she brought her sister & another man? (no idea who he was. he wasn't introduced.) like she thought she would have to fight her way out of here or something. she never had the need to bring anyone with her before. which made me question her. where did he hit you? in the eye. no bruises? no. are you hurt? no. can you tell me where they took him? no. who arrested him? 2 cops. from where? i don't know. who did you call? 911. damn this was going nowhere. i know i don't want to let her take my grandson but i didn't know what to do. this was sonnys call not mine. i asked her where she was going & she told me to her sisters. i asked her to keep in touch whatever happened & to take care of my baby. she left...
i cried...
hubby cried...
ms. m whined...
the bird shit on her picture.
just desserts!
sonny called a few hours later. he had been released on a $50 bond & had to go to court on the 21st. i asked him what happened. he said 'mom, the minute i walked in the door she started bitching about what other woman i'd been with & who had i fucked while i was gone. she just kept going & going so i took a shower, ate & went to bed. i guess that pissed her off worse & when she came to bed feeling all lovey dovey i got up to go sleep on the couch & that made her even madder. by the time she hit me 6 times i threatened to call the cops & she picked the phone up & called the cops. the next thing i knew i was in the back of the cruiser & these cops are telling me she said i hit her.' 'you should see me i have a big gash on my arm & bruises all up & down my back. i've even got a black eye where she threw an ashtray at me. the cops couldn't believe she didn't go to jail. we took pictures but she said she wasn't pressing charges & if the cops let it go nothing will probably happen except right now theres a restraining order on both of us that we're not allowed within 500 feet of each other.' that meant his son too. thats what he was most pissed about. 'she's got my son at her damn dads house. her dad who messed with her baby girl & there she is with my son.'
i cried more...
i'm not sure when i'll get to see my grandson again. i don't know what may happen to him & ixxie both being in that house. all i can do is pray that this will work out in the end, that they'll be safe.
i'll let you know as i find out.