Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm Feeling Grateful!!!

i have survived vacation without a car. sonny actually came up & fixed it on thursday. it was just so late when he finished it all i could do was take it around the neighborhood for a test run & park it back in the driveway. the brakes work!!!! now i'm not holding my breath for what may go wrong next but jeez, most of the stupid things are fixed. now i have just enough money left to go back to work. you know the worst part about the damn car being broke? it had a full tank of gas. that was one of the last things i did before parking it on saturday to go to our party on sunday. of course, since he came up a day early i got the kids a day earlier, too. all the house work i had planned on getting done before they got here came to an abrupt end with their arrival. you all know what kind of house work can be done with the aliens under foot...none. i did get their playroom put together before they got here so that was a plus. that was my main objective for the week. i guess i shouldn't complain.
well, enough for now. i just wanted you all to know i was surviving.
hugs & kisses.


Rainex said...

Glad to hear you
are surviving-now
I just need to lose
my job from hell
and I might last the
year too!

Lindy.. The Alien Keeper said...

Be careful what you wish for. I've actually been worried about my job for the last year. I'd hate to have to go job shopping but I hate my job almost as bad.