Sunday, July 30, 2006

Strawberries On My Ass

it has just been too damn hot to sit in this house & therefore, blogger has suffered. i've been spending as much time as possible in the pool. the only bad thing about that is if you aren't in the water you can't get in any shade. the idiots cut down all the trees right around the pool. doesn't make sense to me but i guess they have their reasons. i like swimming anyway so i spend all my time in the pool with the kids. besides i've discovered these little red marks on my body that looks like someone smashed a strawberry & threw at me. i asked my doctor, (btw, his name is doc holiday, he-he.) & he says they are nothing to worry about but i shouldn't go on a sunbathing frenzie. thats funny cos when we were kids i spent a lot of time on the water. we used to keep a lot rented year round at lake cumberland & when dad got laid off or was on strike thats where we basically lived. we'd hit the water as soon as we got up in the morning & stay there all day long. those were some of the best days of my life. to know that i now suffer from those days is a kick in the head. i always make sure i use lotion on the kids so they hopefully won't have any kind of spots from the sun when they're older. i don't want to be the one that caused them to have some kind of skin cancer. funny, when i was young the only thing i ever used was baby oil to make me darker. now, i use spf 150 to avoid the sun. old age, ugh, it sucks. anyway, i don't do hot anymore. just give me a cool pool or super dooper cold air conditioning & i'm happy.
hey, just to mention. when i had my doctor look at those spots, he asked me if he could look at my buttocks. why? any ideas? does cancer show up on your ass first? i just thought that was kinda strange. afterward he looked at the specific spots that i was questioning him about but my ass first?
someone is having a party tonight. i hear loud music real close. speaking of parties, my niece is getting married & her wedding shower is on the 13th of august. ha! i checked & its on a sunday. i don't have any ideas on what to get her but i know where shes registered so that should be easy enough. shes getting married in florida....i don't know why she picked florida but that was her decision. well, i kinda know why has a new place in florida & i'm sure she's anxious to show it off. show off! i wish someone loved me enough to make the arrangements for my wedding in florida. cross your fingers that we don't have any hurricanes or tornados in october run through florida. i know. i've always been accused of seeing the glass half empty. its just my nature.
ok, gotta go. i want to watch 'final destination 3'.


Rainex said...

Think Doc just wanted
to look at your arse
I've been using SP30
and now I have a really bad
rash as the cream is to
smeggin thick and my
skin can't breathe!
I'm using SP15 now.
Off on hols speak soon xx

ML said...

I only use sunscreen when I've been out in the sun long enough already..silly i know but I figure im going to get old and ugly anyway sunscreen's not going to help!