Monday, July 10, 2006

Pure Dumb Luck

i work at the intersection of 'i'm the most impatient person in the world' & 'get out of my fucking way before i run over your ass'. you hear more horn honking, people screaming, cussing & tires squealing at that intersection than anywhere i've ever been in my life. you can always tell when the light changes cos the horns start BLARING, then the cussing & 'get a grip' comments or the 'fuck you's' start flying. finally tires squealing cos the impatient assholes have to show, well, their ass. on wednesday i'm standing outside sneaking a smoke when i hear all the crap start. except the yelling didn't fade. it just kept going until finally you heard the car doors slamming & the shouts of cheers for one or the other. which told me that the assholes had started fighting. i mean a fist fight over a light. i thought 'give me a break, what a bunch of dweebs'. when all of a sudden things got quiet. then bang. i was questioning my own ears when i heard the sirens. yep, you guessed it. one of the assholes pulled a gun & the cops were on the way. i didn't stick around any longer. that was just too close for my comfort. i watched the news to see what happened but nothing was mentioned so i figure some big shot thought he'd be cool & just shoot a gun off. i'm sure they got some kind of effect out of it. maybe just a little satisfaction. i don't know but what a crazy thing to do.
the week started as a good thing. monday was beautiful & i swam after work. tuesday came & went without any excitement but wednesday with the shooting & when i went to get in my car to go home my muffler wasn't working anymore. hubby said it rusted at the connection. it was loud & embarassing. we got that fixed & the next day the battery went dead. now mind you i work an hour from home so this is not good. thats a 2 hour round trip that had to be made by hubby because of pure dumb luck. wait!!! this gets better! just wait until you hear! we had plans to go to a graduation party for my niece & nephew on sunday. saturday we went shopping for a few things i needed. got home, parked the car & all was fine. sunday, we are all dressed in the cutest little outfits. the kids were all psyched about this party & honestly, i was looking forward to visiting with my family. i had all 4 kids all piled in the car, backed out & hit the go put the car in head out for our party......yep, no stoppy....i just kept going brakes went out. turned out the brake line had acquired a hole in it. can you say gunshot? no, my car didn't get shot yet! but it was fast on its way to the graveyard. i certainly wanted to kill it by now. cos, guess who planned on starting vacation come monday? me. thats who. so doesn't it just figure that all this shit would happen to eat up all my vacation money?
guess who will get to sit home the week of vacation. guess who will want to cry the week of vacation.
more later. i have to round up a mechanic cos my brakes are not something i want to trust to just anyone. hubby is not one of them.


Rainex said...

Well that was pretty grim-
what an incredible run of
shit luck! Still you are
ok and that's what counts.
Me? At the moment tired
out my skull, will have to
crack on with Madbecka but
I've been working back to
back shifts at work as
3 people are leaving at once!
(Good they are arseholes!)