Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Let's Hear It For Revenge

a great weekend but i thought i was gonna have to beat the shit out of about 6 big guys. we went to the pool to play. all these big guys came in & decided to play football with a nerf ball. everything was fine while they played in the deep end but when they decided they didn't care about all the kids playing in the shallow end things got hairy. they started running over all the kids & pushing everyone around. i kept my brood in one corner until they started intruding in our little corner. thats when i decided i'd get in & run goalie. well, i got hit in the side of the face. good thing it was me & not my baby boy. (it really hurt, too) i threw the ball over the fence. the oldest of the guys was about 35 & right around 180 lbs. he's the one that was closest to me when i threw the ball out of the pool. he yelled at one of the kids to go get the ball. i warned him that if he got the ball back & it hit one of us again it was going out of the pool again. i suggested they keep their game in the deeper end of the pool. a young father swimming with his 3 little kids also threatened him with losing the ball. ok, yeah, he was the next to get hit. the ball went over the fence again only he had a better throwing arm than me so it went farther down the street. again they got the ball back & again they had no consideration for anyone else. the next time i got hit it wasn't as bad. i just got hit in the back but i had warned them. bitch that i am i took their fucking ball & laid it under the tire of my car, parking my car ontop of the ball. i got back in the pool & told them i'd gladly give it back when we got finished with the kids in the pool. i received a round of applause. i took a bow & we proceeded to have a great time. i heard the guys conniving about ways to get the ball back but the look they got dared them to touch it. not to mention that i told them i'd shred it if it came back into the pool as i twinkled my nails in the air. i have some pretty sharp looking nails so they had no doubt i meant business. the cool thing was, just after i took the ball they started throwing each other around in the deeper end until two of them collided into each other. one put his teeth through his lip & left a huge gash in the back of the other one. they got a round of applause. both looked sheepish & left looking like they wanted to cry. later i heard the guy had to go to the hospital & have stitches. next time i see him i know i'm gonna snicker. i won't be able to control it but i know he won't be roughhousing in the pool anymore. if the signs aren't enough to teach you a lesson you can only hope god will. what comes around goes around & sometimes you actually get to witness it.