Monday, September 04, 2006

Deliruim Tremors AKA DT's

i called to see how he was doing sunday morning. they said he wasn't doing very good & had been combatative & verbally abusive all night. he's been fighting the restraints & keeps pulling off the monitor connections. how the hell he's doing that i don't know. he can't reach anything with his hands. she said they've given him adavan to help with the hallucinations & to quiet him down. he apparently has quite a tolerance to the stuff because of his tolerance to alcohol. isn't that a kick in the ass? i asked them to tell him i'd be there soon. the nurse agreed that may be good for him.
the kids left about 2 on sunday. he was sleeping when i got there. i tried to wake him but he was having none of that. so for about an hour i wiped his face & talked to a sleeping, snoring husband. his color looks good but his eyes are bloodshot & doing some freaky, side to side jerky thing every now & then when he does open them. his bandages are all bloody from pulling on things & they've cathitarized him since he can't get out of bed. ouchie-ouwie! i know he has to be hating that. he also isn't shaking like he used to.
finally, when they brought his food, between the two of us we got him awake & in an upright position. the nurse said he wouldn't eat for them. both nights now i've gotten him to eat about half of his food before he quit on me. more than anything he seemes to be thirsty. he drank a ton of water & tea for me. i liked this nurse. she talked to him like he was a human being instead of a pain in her ass like the nurse from the night before. she said they'd had a few nice conversations about the kids & horticulture. she even knew how ixxie got her nickname. she completely removed the hand restraints for me & changed the leg restraints to a soft velcro thing so, at least, the color started coming back into his feet & i could hold his hand without hurting him.
he bounces from knowing me & whats going on to not knowing a damn thing thats real. he thinks that he's looking to buy this place now & wants to get up to check out the rest of the 'house'. i tried to make him understand he was in a hospital at first. believe me after the umpteenth time i told him i gave up on that & just went with the house thing. at least he'd talk about that instead of giving me that lost look. he kept asking for a bottle of vodka, can i take him to the store and a cigarette on sunday. tonight he's just wanting a cigarette really bad. he only mentioned the drinking once. that was when he said he needed a cigarette really bad, he couldn't give up the alcohol & smoking at the same time.
both nights i stayed until visiting hours were over & they all but kicked me out. both nights he didn't fight or pull anything until right before i got ready to leave when they came in to give him the adavan. i don't know if the medication slowly wore off while i was there or what. but for the most part i can see my husband in there now. i mean after all he's always talked a bit wacky.
so, i'm going to bed early tonight. i have to go back to work tomorrow. i have pto time that i can take so i'm gonna see if i can't take off an hour early each night until i get him home. i talked to the store that is right up the street & they've promised me they wouldn't sell him anymore alcohol. unless he wants to walk about 8 miles one way thats the only place close that sells booze.
i hate to tell people what he's been through but if it will help him stay sober they need to know. i wish i had a video camera so i could have this recorded & show him what he went through to help convince him to stay clean.
oh yeah, he did fart today & when i told him he stank, he told me he only wanted me to go through a little of what he was going through. if thats the worst of it, he can shit on me.
thanks for the well wishes & prayers. you don't know how much i appreciate them. the internet really rocks & dt's really sucks.


Rainex said...

So bloody scary-how long
do Dts last?

ML said...

Unfortunately the hardest part is yet to come. If he's anything like my uncle he'll be clear enough when he gets out that he may think he could just do with 'just one drink'... or something along those lines. He's going to have to get occupied with something other that sitting around being bored if he's going to keep off it. Im teaching you how to suck eggs now.. you know this stuff already - Im not trying to put a downer on it just want you to be prepared for what may happen. :-)