Sunday, September 24, 2006

How Bout Some Feedback?

i typed the first letter into my blog to sign in. theres all kinds of variations of sign-in names. different email addresses of mine, different abbreviations for my name. i'm thinking what the fuck. so, i ask him. have you been trying to sign into my account. he answers yes, i just wanted to read it. like, how stupid do i look? do you see a big S on my forehead? i didn't just fall off that watermelon truck, no way, baby, i jumped! i'm still wondering what he was up to. did he want to change something i wrote? maybe delete a post? whatever it was it didn't work. so there, ppplllll. (thats me sticking out my tongue)
tonight is football night. sunday, sunday, sunday! so far, he's had 2 bottles of vodka. he walked to the store for the 2nd one. the store i asked not to sell him anymore vodka. the store that told me they wouldn't sell him anymore vodka. fucking idiots. i wonder if i can sue them the next time he has a seizure? that would serve them right. i wonder if the 'keg law' applies to grocery stores?
you know what? enough about me & my wah-wah.
how are you today? whats new with you? any good movies i should see? how about for a change you all tell me what you've been up to. i haven't had alot of time to read my favorite blogs. i'll do some tonight cos yaaaayyyy! i get the pc for awhile. until i get around to reading all my friends though, some of you could drop me a line & tell me what you've been up to.
mad becca, hows the twins? hahaha. 'ma' still makes me giggle.
mental laundry, thanks for the support. how is your backyard coming along? i have a huge garden if you'd like some seeds let me know. i'm not sure what would live in your area but we can figure that out.
etoile, have you got your computer back up & running? whats the problem? i love fucking with computers, i may be able to help if its in my realm of knowledge. i'd be glad to give you some ideas, like i always say, 2 heads are better than one.
that goes for sexually as well as figuratively.
hmmm, never actually had 2 heads at once. i don't know that i'd really like that. maybe i should put it on my list of things to do. maybe not. after all, i am married & hubby would have to be one of those heads. he probably wouldn't go for that kind of nonsense. besides he'd probably get to name head #2 & i know that wouldn't work for me. yuck! i can't think of one good looking friend he has. i might get stuck by a yuck. hahaha. i'm cracking me up. i think i'm getting slap happy.
some happy news...i sold my crown victoria, i gave my bmw to sonny & i got a new le baron. its fire engine red! with a rag top! auto everything! including seat adjustments! its awesome!
happy driving to me, happy driving to me, happy fucking driving to me, happy driving to me!
k, gotta go read some friends. i miss them.


Etoile Tyler said...

I'm mentally exhausted right now, my mom keeps making me have discussions about my dad being dead with her at 11 at night. It sucks. I'm snuggled in bed now with ye ol' laptop thanking God that it's over for today....

I started watching Carnivale on DVD last night... Kind of weird, in a good way. Don't know about movies, I can never manage to go see them... I did see The Covenant, don't waste your money.

Love and lots of kisses Lindy, seems like you need 'em these days.

ML said...

My garden has taken a back seat for the last couple of weekends. We've finished painting the pergola though - or I should say I got Youngster to finish painting it - I got fed up doing all the hard graft myself!

Lindy if there was a way to get spanish moss to survive here I'd get you to send me bags full! It'd be awesome but the 3 occasions I've brought it back from South Carolina (smuggled it through customs!) its died within a week!

I'm trying to get myself enthusiastic about reseeding the lawn and reshaping some of the flower beds! - Thats going to be some hard work!

Rainex said...

Yeah and chin up-life
is sucky most of the
time, just try to remember
fun, the little bits of
laughter and smiles that
get you through. D just
bundled me, holding me down
and tickling me until I
felt sick.
Boys? I asked the little
shits why they didn't save me
and they said they thought:
"I was just screaming." Just
screaming! Like I wake up and
shriek or something? Bah,
I'll get the 3 of them back