Friday, September 01, 2006

Dazed For Days

he'd been having trouble sleeping for the last few days. he told me wednesday night that he thought he'd buy a bottle to help him sleep. i asked him to try taking a sleep aid first. maybe he needed to get away from the bottle. besides who wanted to depend on a bottle to get some sleep. he agreed we'd buy some on thursday when we went grocery shopping.
i got home about 10 minutes later than usual on thursday. due to the road work going on.
he was sitting on the couch. he had a beer but he seemed sober. he had called me at work earlier to let me know his dad had taken the car in for some work & didn't know what time he would start for the day. he had emailed me later to let me know that he didn't go in at all. i asked him to email me the info for the new dvd recorder we bought.
hi, hon, i didn't even hear you pull up. ms. m didn't hear you either but she's been sitting on the loveseat since 20 til, waiting for you, just staring at the door.
hi. poor baby. she does love us doesn't she? how was your day?
what did you do today to stay busy?
some laundry & dishes. i'm gonna mow the yard in awhile. i was just letting it cool off alittle. are you
no, not right now. i saw you layed out the steak. that'll be good.
we're out of veggies but we have some mac & cheese.
nah, i think i'll fix some eggs with mine.
i'm just gonna put mine on bread with some onions.
that sounds good.
if i cook the steak will you do your eggs.
yeah, no problem. did your dad get his car back yet?
i don't know. i think i'll call.
he made the call. just as he was asking, his brother said, hold on someone is pulling in right
now. it was the mechanic with the car. they talked for a few. i heard him say he'd see them tomorrow. he wanted to get started on that tree in the side yard again. he said his goodbyes.
are we shopping tonight? we just need a few things.
yeah, i guess we have to. have you made a list?
no, i don't think we need one. anything special you want to get?
just the sleeping pills you need.
oh yeah, i forgot.
you still want to try them don't you?
yeah, can't hurt. i'm getting hungry. think i'll go ahead & fix the steak.
i picked up the manual to the dvd recorder & started reading. it was about 7 pm. i heard him pounding the steak. i heard him in the fridge.
do we have onions?
look in the door.
i did. i don't see any. i even looked in the butter dish.
look in the door right next to the butter dish.
nope, none there.
look in the pink thing.
he looked at me like he didn't know what i was talking about.
honey, the pink thing beside the air conditioner. where we keep potatoes, onions, things like that. in the top shelf on the right side.
bingo! we've got onion. good.
i went back to the manual. i heard him more than watched him as he cut the onion & opened the oven to put the steak in.
that fast... he fell to the floor. he was jerking, laying almost face down but kinda on his right side. i ran to him & rolled him onto his side, so i could look at him. his arms were pulled up tight against his chest & his hands were drawn in tight almost like a fist. i asked him what was happening. he couldn't hear me. he was twitching, eyes closed but fluttering. every now & then, i could see enough to know they had rolled back into his head. i ran for the phone & grabbed ms. m so she didn't go near him. as i dialed 911 i took her into the bathroom & closed the door. the lady answered & i ran back to hubby.
my husband just collapsed on the floor. he looks like he's having a seizure.
has he ever had a seizure before?
no, this is the first time i've ever seen him do anything like this.
tell me what he looks like. is he conscious?
no, he isn't responding. he's twitching & has his arms drawn up tight across his chest. his eyes are closed.
is he breathing?
yes, but not right. he's kind of gasping.
whats your name?
where do you live?
900 wood off of mt. lindy.
is he still unconsious?
is he still twitching?
ok. i'm gonna stay on the line with you. the ambulance is on the way. it should only be a few minutes. are you okay?
i'm scared.
does he have any alergies?
is he on any medication?
does he drink?
has he had anything to drink today?
yes, but only a few, i think. should i leave him on his side or roll him over? right now i'm holding him on his side but he's trying to fling back. oh god, he's foaming from the mouth now & it looks like he's bleeding alittle too.
right now , i'd rather you left him on his side. is he still breathing?
yes, a little better now.
you said he's bleeding from his mouth. is it much blood?
all of a sudden he started taking deep breathes. gasping for air like he needed alot of oxygen. he stopped twitching & slowly opened his eyes.
wait, he's coming out of it i think. he stopped twitching & he's trying to sit up.
is he conscious now?
he's coming to.
honey, can you hear me? do you know what happened?
is he answering you?
no, he's looking at me like he doesn't know who i am. it's ok sweetie, i hear the ambulance now. you're gonna be ok.
i ran over, opened the front door & shut the birds door. i could hear the people coming up the walk & i quickily ran back to him so he didn't try to get up. i sat on the floor with him & talked to him.
is the ambulance there?
ok, i'm gonna let you go now.
thank you.
a man in blue uniform came in the front door. he had a medical bag & started asking me what happened. basically the same questions the lady on the phone asked.
i answered him as he started taking blood pressure, looking at his eyes & checking him out. by that time 2 women had come into the house. hubby was talking himself a little & trying to answer them too. he told them he didn't remember anything about why he was on the floor. he couldn't remember what he'd done today. his words were slurred & his eyes were huge. he told them his name, birthdate & who i was. he couldn't tell them the year or the president. they asked if he could stand, they wanted him to sit in a chair while they continued to check him over. he walked with help to a chair. they finished checking him & told him they were taking him to the hospital so they could take care of him. as they headed for the door he tried to pull away. he said he needed his cigarettes & lighter. then he headed for the kitchen & picked up his beer that had been sitting on the counter. i took it away & told him he needed to go with these people so we could find out what caused this. he asked me what happened & i explained that i thought he had a seizure but i wanted him to go to the hopital. finally he went out the door with them & climbed into the ambulance.
i've been up for 2 days, spending as much time as i can at the hospital. i'll be back in a minute to tell you what i know at this point.