Friday, September 08, 2006

Till The Fat Lady Sings

i've spent most of the last few days going from work to the hospital then straight to bed. although sleep has alluded me. that hasn't been on my brains agenda. it still feels good to just lay down & rest.
sorry, i haven't kept you all in on the latest. dt's & the duration of withdrawal depends on each person. its all about how long they've been on whatever they are addicted to. the hospital stay is like ML said in comments, just to get them through the first step. he has to make up his mind to continue the treatment until he has worked the alcohol completely out of his system. hubbys dt's lasted until wednesday. he doesn't remember any of it cos of the medication but i do. when they started weening him off the meds his blood pressure dropped way down & his heart rate hit the roof. the normal heart rate is somewhere between 60-100 beats & his was at 197. they kept him an extra day because of that.
they released him today. we sat at the hospital for an hour after they told him he was being released & we got his prescriptions filled on the way home. they have him on a seizure med, blood pressure & heart med. plus a vitamin.
they never did find what caused the seizure in the first place. they also couldn't explain why his heart rate & blood pressure went crazy but you can bet they charged the shit out of our insurance company & will continue doing so. now, individual doctors he saw in the hospital have a new patient that they want to see every week for the rest of his life. now mind you, not because they think they can figure out what caused all this but to keep giving him meds for it anyway. one doctor did say he may only need the seizure medicine for 3-6 months. that was the only good news.
not the only good news, of course, he can't drink. good for me but he's not too thrilled with that idea. now its up to him & his will power. he has to accept that he'll never be able to drink again. there's always the chance that he may have another seizure. if he feels anything different (light headedness, faint or shortness of breath)he's supposed to go straight to the not pass not collect $200.
its not over.
i'll tell you more tomorrow. its 3am & i'm tuckered out. i have absorbed so much shit today that right now i can't even process it. i've always said for everything new i learn something old pops out.
whats my name again? damn, thats one i've always known. thats not a good sign.