Monday, October 09, 2006

Getting Back In The Swing

happy thanksgiving, my dear uk friends. i hope you've all had a great day. thank you all for your support & inspiring words. you don't realize it but you've been there for me through alot. i've read the comments & i need to think about what you've put to me. i didn't want you to think i was just gonna ignore your questions. i've been so busy this week that i hadn't noticed how much i've missed blogging. i've attended a funeral. a strange funeral. the guy & his family knew he was dying. he was told he had cancer & given options for treatment, all of which he declined. at first, till it was too late. he layed in the hospital for 3 weeks before his family even thought to bring him any magazines. finally, someone else mentioned taking him out to the chapel, bringing in magazines or books & having a counselor stop in to visit. thats when the family said, 'duh, why didn't we think of that'.
while he was fighting the pain & preparing for his own funeral the doctor gave him marijauna to
help him through it all. i guess he would get happy & hungry because of it. momma decided
he acted too stupid so she decided not to give it to him. hell, woman! what was you thinking? i
can't imagine not letting someone laugh through their last few months if thats a possibility. just
cos she didn't like the way he acted while he was stoned. how self centered can one woman be? anyway, the funeral was a singing funeral. they played some of his favorite songs & let any-one sing a song that knew a song. it was, well, strange. i'm glad i went for the support of my friend but i was also glad when it was over.
we've been working on the car. just cleaning it up. washing, waxing & buffing it to a beautiful shine. we armoralled the inside & tires. put the top down & got it stuck! yeah, that was just my luck. oh no, just my luck was it rained while it was stuck down. we had to suck it dry with a heavy duty vacumm. but i love it. its a beautiful car. my dream car. i need to winterize it with an oil change & tuneup. put some new tires on it & vroom, vroom! i'll be the bitch blowing down the road in the hot red lebaron. maybe next spring i can afford a new rag top for the baby. i need ideas for her name. have you ever named your cars? i sound like i'm 16 again, don't i?
i've just about finished with the redecoration throughout my house. i still need to paint my bedroom & carpet to match. i'd like to put a day bed with a trundel under it for the girls in the front room. thats another expense i can't afford right now.
i'm hoping hubby will go to work sometime this week so i can afford the tires for the car. if not, i'm fucked on that one until my next payday. the good thing is i have an extra check next month. i'll be able to do several things then.
oh, how could i forget? i haven't told you all about replacing the front door. hubby & i working together on that one & its a story you have to hear. not now. its way to involved for tonight.
i'm gonna fix my lunch for tomorrow & hit the sack for now.


ML said...

Youngsters Prelude was called 'JLO' because of the letters on the reg plate.

My old Nissan 100NX was 'Nick' and my current Hilux Surf is just called 'Surf' - Youngsters Audi isnt named.

Most of our bikes have names -
'Scott', 'Bonty', Mungo the old Cycle Speedway Bike, the new one is called 'Speedway Cock ' because it had stickers on the downtube and we peeled some of the letters off so that it says ' k'. Then theres 'Jake', 'Turner' and 'Ged' just got sold! Theres 3 or 4 more that haven't inspired names yet. So yeah, youre not alone with the vehicle naming thing!

ML said...

Oh.. how could I forget 'Titvan' - a Vauxhall Astravan which was grafittied with 'Bum' and 'Tit' on the side!.. that was the car Youngster had between JLO and Audi! I miss Titvan.