Monday, October 23, 2006

My Week

jammer woke without finding me in the bedroom & called for me this weekend.
'memaw! where are you?'
'i'm coming.'
'you're not supposed to leave me.'
'you were sleeping & i woke up.'
'you couldn't watch me?'
'watch you sleep?'
'yeah, i'm cute.'
this kid cracks me up.
i'm almost finished with ixxies costume. i keep adding things to it. its so cute. if i can i'll put pics up when i get them all together & dressed. i'll have all 4 this weekend but i think we won't be trick or treating till tuesday. i just want to see them all dressed in their costumes. halloween is one holiday i can really get into. most of them involve way too much driving but halloween i just take them walking & that ain't so bad.
we moved our offices at work on tuesday. well, we didn't move it, we had it done but putting all the boxes in the right office & getting things arranged did a number on my back. i woke up on wednesday & couldn't stand up. by thursday i couldn't turn my head. i think i pulled something major. i've developed a hump at the top of my ass on each side. i guess you could call me the hump-ass not of notre dame. anyway, i can't turn my head either. someone said something about a scitatic nerve & i cringed. pulling my neck even worse. i talked to a chiropractor & he said he'd have to do x-rays before he could adjust anything. my doctor thinks an x-ray sounds like a good idea. i must have a $ on my forehead. everybody wants my money & hey, guess what? if i don't work i'm not getting any richer. granted i'm not getting any poorer but laying in a hospital bed waiting to heal isn't my idea of good times. neither is cutting on my back for that matter.
this week hasn't been very exciting. ms. m has had several seizures. we've had lots of company. belle from hell has been by. she was exciting in her rendition of how the cops arrested her son because she beat the shit out of her boss. for some unknown reason he refused to pay them for the job they did. she went off on him & when the cops showed up he told them the son hit him. i guess to save face from being beat up by a woman. this had to be a sight to see. she only stands about 4'10" tall & i bet she doesn't way 100 lbs. but thats why we call her 'belle from hell'. when she gets pissed you better run.
of course, sonny & honey has been in & out. my little sis, ranie has been here. she came to change the oil on my car for the boots i bought her. it didn't get done cos sonny showed up & she wanted to visit instead.
she brought a friend with her who was a very butch looking, big, big gal. she shook my hand when ranie introduced her & i felt like i was being whiplashed off the couch.
then theres dicks. he needs to hang out for awhile. he's in from out of state & wants to visit a few friends while he's here. he'll probably be leaving around the 1st of the month. he broke his back on the job last year & they told him he'd never walk again. he did & they now call him a miracle. i'm amazed cos he takes it all in stride like it was nothing. i just feel like my back is broken & i'm a big whining wuss.
well, like i said, nothing much going on. its raining again. pretty soon we're gonna be one big mud slide, up here on the top of the hill, sitting at the bottom.
that's pretty much all i have for this week. whats been going on with you? anything exciting? i truly lead a boring life. i wouldn't change for less than a million bucks.
catch ya later.


Rainex said...

My week has been up and
Good-saw my new baby nephew
again and went for Cosmos
and Strawberry shortcake
cocktails with sis-in-law.
Bad-got knock back for job I
really really thought I had
in the bag! Really pissed
about that one-never mind.
Good-got very good haircut
and I hate having my hair done
so it was a result.
Bad-D has nerve damage in
neck, Good-it's not too serious.
It's really been one of those
Next week I have a funeral
and a party to go to-you
couldn't make it up.