Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

ok, god please forgive me for yelling at him. i hate to yell. i already talk loud, its just in me. part of my genetics. part of who i am. in gym, when i was young & cool, still in school, the teacher always asked me to announce scores & who was in the lead cos i didn't need a microphone to be heard over the drone of the crowd. of course, neither did she but why be a teacher if you can't tell kids what to do? since i've grown up i've learned to use my inside voice but sometimes i get excited & theres no controlling my volume. but to yell! i hate it. even in caps its not cool. so, i apologize for yelling & hope to be forgiven. i thought about deleting or unposting the whole thing but thats a cop out. a conniption fit was had & it must not be covered up. if i promise to never, ever do it again, can i still blog? ok, i promise i'll never do it again.
happy halloween everyone! today is my favorite holiday of the whole year. its the most fun day usually. this year, it was kind of a let down. we only had about a dozen or so kids & half of them weren't even dressed up. just their usual play clothes. nobody was scary & nobody wore face paint. nobody wore a neat outfit or a homemade one. what happened to parents that got into halloween? sonny used to have a couple of outfits lined up & run as fast as he could around the neighborhood so he could come home, change into another outfit & make another round. i was disappointed in today. i think its the weekday halloween. maybe parents have too much to do & not enough time to get things together. i remember rushing home from work to get pictures of sonny getting ready & the finished product & then passing out candy so i got to see all the cute or scary trick or treaters. i didn't even get to do any tricks! dang it! as jammer says.
well, i'm gonna hit the shower & the sack.
i've found one drawback to our new office. the bathroom is downstairs & when you gotta go...its a bitch to make it down those stairs, through the people, behind the counter & down another hall. by the time i got there i forgot why i went. i didn't even have to go anymore.
k, i'm done.


Rainex said...

We had tons of trick
or treaters-in the end I had
run out of sweets and had to give biscuits and apples....!

Etoile Tyler said...

You yell if you want to sweetie, it doesn't matter to me. You SHOULD yell if you want to. Sometimes yelling is the best thing.

We had tons of trick-or-treaters too. I don't know what happened in the end I had to leave before the frenzy died down.

Love, love.

Etoile Tyler said...

See, I yelled too.. us loud talkers gotta stick together.