Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hell Week

here we go. another year...another dilemma. we're talking about thanksgiving plans. i hate to always be in the middle of this shit. mom can't decide what day to actually have the dinner cos she doesn't know who she wants to accomodate this year. see, i think its a who'll like me best contest. mom doesn't want my hubby to come cos she has her own drunk to deal with so, i don't count. besides i have my in-laws that i can go to. so does nipper, my next sister down. its no fun for mom if she isn't the only priority. we don't count cos she doesn't control the game rules with the 2 of us. sounds like a sick kind of game, huh? yeah, see why i created this funcdystional world of mine? damn, god just got me for being bad. i smushed my finger between the chair & the desk & its hurting like crazy. serves me right for questioning mommys perfect thanksgiving. have you ever seen the movie 'mommy dearest'? every holiday with my family makes me think of this movie.
so, wanna hear about the last 7 days of my wonderful world?
friday i came home from work to a drunk hubby wanting sex. yeah, thats just what i want. drunk sex! yahoo! is there any other kind? thats a rhetorical question, btw. there is, of course, but not in my life.
saturday about 5:30 am i woke to a thump & groaning. it wasn't in the bedroom. it wasn't in the bathroom. it was coming from somewhere down the hall. i walked through the house & found hubby on the kitchen floor. he was conscious this time. he told me he didn't know what happened or how he got there. i asked if he could get up & he wanted to just lie there for a minute. when i finally got him up & in the living room he was fine. but come on, you don't just fall down for no reason. could it be cos he got so drunk the night before? according to him he has a cold & he was just lightheaded. no way could the drinking have anything to do with him almost passing out & he was absolutely not going to the hospital. i'm beginning to think he likes falling down.
sunday..sonny calls me & wants me to bring the kids to him. remember now, i have 4 grandkids this weekend. i get them all fed & we pile into the car. driving the expressway (think about that for a minute. what are your speed limits on the expressway? ours are 65 mph in most places.) i start to feel something in the steering. like it starts feeling loose & i say, i'm pulling over something feels wrong. i start switching lanes to pull off on the emergency lane. i get into the 2nd lane from the side & my back drivers side tire flies off & we're riding on the metal wheel hub. sparks are flying 8 feet back & 10 feet high. cars are all around us flying by on both sides as i'm trying to get to the emergency lane. i have very little control but i get pulled off as far as i can get to the side, finally coming to a stop. thank god i was slowing down to pull off in the first place. a very nice guy pulls off behind us to offer help & lets me use his cell phone (i've gotta get one of those things) to call sonny. hubby jumps out of the car & starts running up & down the expressway to find the missing tire. he's crossing this expressway, people, in the dark, in dark clothes with traffic moving at least 65 miles per hour. i couldn't believe he was running back & forth across the expressway with his condition. seizures can be caused from blinking lights or repetitive motions. i am freaking out. he was gone for so long at one point that i actually dropped to my knees right there beside the highway & prayed that we would all please make it through this plight, alive.
monday..i found a sore lump in my breast. we are all taught to check ourselves & i feel at least once a month. this lump is about the size of a dime & it wasn't there the last time i felt. i called my doctor & he tells me sometimes they just dissapate on their own with no worry but i've never found a lump before so i made an appointment to have a mamogram.
tuesday..i started again. and if there could be any more blood...i would be o.j. simpson.
wednesday..we complained about our new office being too cold so h-vac brought us an electric heater. i plugged it in & immediately everything in the building went dead except the lights. when we flipped the circuit breaker back on my computer went into reload stage just like it never had a hard drive installed so i spent the entire day finding something to do.
thursday..i filled my car up on my way to work & by the time i got to work i was sitting on empty. $25.00 worth of gas & i was showing 55 miles traveled. i walked aroung the car & on the passengers side i found a fountain of gas spewing from under the car. when i got home hubby looked & says i sprang a leak in my gas line.
i'm almost afraid to even get out of bed tomorrow.
happy, happy, joy, joy!
what kind of week have you had? dog been hit? wrecked your car? house upchucked? if you can top my week, please, share...
hopefully, someone can give me some good news. i can't rely on my luck to inspire me.
xoxo, friends.


Anonymous said...

Christ Lindy that really is a shit week. I don't have anything worse than that to make you feel better. If you get BBC America channel on tv there catch an episode of Eastenders - that'll make you feel tons better!

Rainex said...

Stay in bed Lindy!
Eat chocolate, pizza
don't smoke though, bed
will go up in flames!
God I hope you are alright
what a shit week, I say
"Happy happy joy joy" Lot's
too. Oh Lindy you are jinxed
just as I was reading this
out to D our bloody hoover
broke! What are u like?!

Lindy.. The Alien Keeper said...

Ladies, yes, now you're getting the picture! I swear I'm jinxed & now I've jinxed you, too. I can sit down in a running car & the damn thing will quit running on the spot & never run again. Its just the kind of luck I have. Do you wonder how I even get out of bed in the morning? I stick my hand in a bowl of water with a live electric cord in it just to convince me to get up & face another day! And I love Jesus! The good thing is the jolt makes my heart work better. I'll never die from a heart attack.

Rainex said...

My hand is peeling now (which
is nice) pretty like scales...