Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Younger Years

something cool happened. i mentioned my blog as my diary in my last post. yesterday i went to moms for a thanksgiving get together. nipper was there & she had brought my pictures to return to me. she also had gone through some old boxes she had stored & came across a diary of mine. i don't know how she wound up with it. i think she had stored boxes for my mom that she found it in. it covers the 13-16 years, so, last night i sat down to read through it. it brought back soo many memories. vividly! people i had forgotten, feelings i'd had, things that had happened, boys i'd kissed & gone steady with, friends i knew, pj parties with my friends, fights, birthdays...i remembered them like yesterday. it kinda gave me back a piece of me that i had lost. i guess that sounds silly but i love having my diary. i wanted to sleep with it. i didn't because i'm not 15 anymore but i didn't want to put it down. i fell asleep (minus the diary) & had dreams of things that made me feel all warm & tingly. kinda horny. hahahaha. long time no feel horny. thats kind of a lost feeling and i was a virgin when i was writing that diary. honest! i didn't start fooling around until i met sonnys dad in my junior year of high school. he wasn't mentioned once in the diary, cos it only covered up to 16, so i know it was before i met him. i can't explain it but i love having my diary. i think after i met him i was too busy spending time with him to even write in the diary. oh yeah, and doing the nasty.
i remember one time i locked the keys in the car. i skipped school to spend the day with him & we were in a hurry to get the nasty on. without thinking about how to get back in the car i was so worried about losing the keys in the woods. so, i locked them inside the car. duh, stupid. the minute the door closed i remembered i needed the damn things to get back in the car. needless to say, we did the nasty before we worried about getting back in the car. after all the damage was done. well, not all the damage cos we had to break a cozy wing to get back in. do you remember cozy wings? the little triangle shaped window on the old cars?
anyway, that was a blast from the past. you'll be hearing a lot more about my diary over the next few weeks. as i find the cool shit i'll be sure and share.


Rainex said...

How wonderful! Wheb
my Ma and Dad were
moving he found in an old
kitchen cupboards drawer
and scrawl where I'd written
'Raine is cool!' Funny thing
is I still am lol!!!
And now older son is always
saying how cool he is!

Lindy.. The Alien Keeper said...

It's so cool to remember old feelings. I don't think I knew that until just recently. But you are really cool, so, i second that emotion.
Hey, you lost the verification thing too. Even cooler.....