Thursday, November 23, 2006

Name That Game

jammer & snarky both have a terrible cough. seems like they've had it forever. i put jammer in the tub friday night & noticed he had a rash on his butt & back. my poor baby boy woke up at 4:30am coughing so hard i thought he was gonna puke. i went to get his medicine & when i came back in the bedroom he cried, 'i can't do this anymore.' he broke my heart sounding so pitiful. by sunday he was covered with the rash & it looked just like measles. i know he's had his shots & thats supposed to keep them from getting measles but i've also known kids that did wind up with measles anyway & i thought sure he was one of them. when his daddy got here to pick him up i made him promise me he would take jammer to the doctor. i also emailed mojoe & asked her if she would please take snarky to the doctor. its about time to kick this cough. i made sonny feel so bad cos i asked how he could stand for his baby boy to cough like he was. sonny called me on monday to tell me he took him in & he was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection. they said the rash was 'pityriasis rosea' & that he would have the rash for 2-6 weeks. they gave him an antibiotic & said there was nothing you could do for the just had to run its course. really weird. not all kids get it but its a result of the infection & they don't know what causes it. its very obvious for about 5 days then it goes away. it doesn't itch or anything & you can only see it again when they get hot from playing or bath after that. turned out snarky had the same respiratory infection & shes on medication too.
hubby got rip roaring drunk this weekend & fell a couple times. i can't understand him wanting to get so drunk that he falls like that. you have to know it hurts. i mean he ain't no spring chicken anymore. then he really pisses me off when he doesn't want to admit that he fell cos he was drunk so he lies & tries to pull some 'tightening' of his chest shit. what he didn't know was i was watching him & saw him lean forward & lose his balance. i played along with it for a minute, giving him an aspirin & let him lie there. but the longer he drug it out the madder i got. i really didn't want to go off in front of the kids. finally, i asked him if he really thought i was that stupid? i also asked if he thought it was ok for the kids to see this? is this what he wanted them to grow up thinking was the way to live? jammer sitting at their little table eating dinner looked at him & said, 'papaw, you better answer that right, i don't think she thinks its ok.'
wanna know some of the games we play here at lindyland? he had a gallon bottle of vodka in the fridge that he sucked on all day & everytime he left the room through the day i dumped a little of it out. he spent most of the day in the bedroom watching football & i had a sneaking suspicion that he had a bottle hid back there too. by the end of the night there was about an inch left in the bottle but when i came out the next morning it was half full again. i knew then i was right. he was working on 2 bottles at the same time just in different rooms. i call that one 'how sneaky am i?'
a new game we just got into is 'how many miles are on the car?' he called me at work & wanted to run up to pick up kerosene. i was on empty but i knew we were going right back out so i went straight home to pick him up first. we stopped on our way out & filled the tank. i also pushed the mileage button to see how many miles we were getting to the fillup. so, we got the k1, stopped at the video store & then krogers.
i didn't pay any attention till the next day when we got in the car. the mileage read 8.8 & i know krogers isn't that far. it was a hmmmm kind of thing but i didn't say anything. we were heading for krogers anyway so i thought i'd just check to see how far it was. when we got back up to krogers the mileage read 2.4 miles. fucker stole the car again & snuck up to the store to buy another fucking bottle of vodka since his backup was only half full. of course, i confronted him & pointed out the mileage & of course, he denied it. he likes to play 'thats my story & i'm sticking to it.'
my newest game is 'how much have i saved for a divorce.'


Anonymous said...

LMAO - to be honest I'm beginning to believe you'd be bored shitless without playing all these games Lind.