Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Memories

hey all. how was your thanksgiving? mine was great. great food, great friends & great family. in my opinion some of the coolest things happen on thanksgiving. everybody you see, whether they know you or not wishes you a happy thanksgiving. that gives me a happy, warm feeling.
snookie kissed me & said she was gonna rub it all the way into her heart. i told her that was such a good idea i would do it too. then i said 'poof, i felt it hit my heart & it feels so good.' tears welled up in her big eyes & she said, 'i love you so much, memaw, you make me so happy.' shes such a sensitive little girl with her great big eyes & her sweet little no-nonsense attitude. shes the middle girl in the picture. the twin in front of her is snarkie & ixxie is to the right.
they're all growing up so fast. i keep a camera handy so i won't miss anything. i want to always remember these little things. which is pretty much why i started this blog in the first place. now i can compare pictures with a diary of the day. nipper, my younger sister has a video camera & we have movies of the kids, too. when i'm old, gray & have altzheimers i'll be a little less lost because of them.
and they'll be a little less lost with memories of their lives.
getting old & helpless is a scary thing. i want to live a long time so i can see my grandkids have kids. i want to always be there to make them feel safe & loved. when i am gone i want them to think of me & get a warm, loving feeling in their hearts. i'm trying to make an impression that they'll never forget. not like my life that is like a haze. we moved so much that memories weren't ingrained in me like that. i can see pictures of me when i was younger & have no recollection of where i was or how old i was, let alone what was going on.
hold on, i'm getting dog-licked by jammer.
aahhhh, how refreshing. dog licks & kisses are two of the best things. don't you think? can you say slime me? thats ok, i got him back with a big ole dog-lick up the side of his face that went all the way into his ear. and now he's in trouble with papaw for swinging a pocket watch that spilled his soda.
memories. oh yes, great memories.
well, gotta get back to controlling the aliens. they are such busy little bodies.


Anonymous said...

So I take it the little lad is Jammer? So nice to put faces to the names, they're really cute Lindy and I think you sound like a fab nana.