Saturday, November 04, 2006

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

'you said the wrong thing papaw'
'toys go in the toy room, big guy.'
'you just said the wrong thing again, papaw'
this kid is getting too big for his britches. he actually thinks he's the boss. the rule is toys stay in the toyroom. thats why we created the toyroom. they all agreed that toys would stay in the toyroom if we made them a toyroom. i busted my ass to make that toy room. i was so tired of stepping on all the little toys. those suckers hurt when you step on them. little army men or dinosaurs that you can't see in a slightly dark room. man, when you step on them you sure know they're there cos they're stuck in your foot by then.
saturday we went to my nieces wedding reception. it was a great time. i tried to keep the kids under some kind of control but mom suggested i just turn them loose. 'they're with family, they aren't hurting anything, just let them have fun.' so, i did. they were hellions, running amuck, under everyones feet, climbing stairs, going in & out the doors. everytime jammer ran by me i grabbed him up & the first thing he yelled was 'i'll stop running memaw.' everytime i sat him down he took off running again. everyone told me how cute he was & how much like his daddy he was. he finally got to meet a lot of family that he'd never met before. including my brother that lives farther down in kentucky & never seems to be visiting at the same time i have the kids. sonny never visits anyone either. he's too busy working to support all of them & i guess the same holds true for my brother. its kinda crazy how the family never gets together like we use to when dad & my step mom were still married. speaking of dad, he was there with his new wife. it was good to see him. he looks happy but you could tell my step mom wasn't thrilled with the situation. everytime i noticed her dancing she was at the end dad sat at. when he was ready to leave she stood really close to the girls hoping he'd have to speak to her on his way out. he didn't, but her new husband was standing pretty close too. dad had a good buzz going maybe he didn't notice her but she couldn't take her eyes off him.
we got lost coming home. not exactly lost like going in the wrong direction. just one wrong turn & we wound up on backroads instead of major highways & it took forever to get back to something i recognized. needless to say we were up late.
sunday was a lazy day to recupe from what seemed to be the never ending drive home. my feet hurt from all the dancing & chasing so i treated them to a massage with a smell good lotion. the rest of my body got the icy hot. owww, old tired back & legs. old tired body. too bad calgon can't take me away anymore! for one theres too much to take & for two i can't find my damn calgon.
when sonny got here to pick up the kids he came in with a bag. he just had to show off his new cap. he's a ball cap fanatic. only his are all about hunting. well, he pulled out this bright orange hat with a camoflage leaf across one side of it. it was a pretty cool cap. he took the one he had off & handed it to jammer. 'you can have this one.' jammer handed it back to him. 'let me see that one.' he handed him the new hat & jammer said, 'wrong, wrong, wrong, you can have that one.' see he's getting to big for his britches.
sonny has to go to court tomorrow for child support again. i'm sure they want more money but hopefully with his new counselor he'll get some important key pieces of information in his files that has, so far, been omitted. like his 2nd family & lack of work during winter months. i wish him luck. court is never any fun.
k, gotta go. back to work tomorrow & pounding some more keys myself.