Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Just Hateful

i'm getting ready to tear my pc apart again. theres always new & upgraded things i want. except my operating system. nobody understands why i stick with windows 98. i find it easy to use & the kinks have been worked out of it. for me thats great. i have 2000 at work & we are constantly being bombarded by virus' & spyware. i'd rather stick with something i can control. i do have a copy of windows 2000 on another computer but i don't care much for it so i don't use it. but i have a few new programs i want to add. so bear with me. ok?
i've got a question for you... how can he be at the other end of the house & still be on my nerves? he's watching football all the way at the other end of the house & still yells loud enough that i hear him in the living room. i finally shut the door the last time i went down the hallway. how would he like it if i yelled loud enough to hear me down the hallway everytime jennifer aniston slam dunked her boyfriend in 'the break up'? which is what i'm watching in the living room. NOT! i threatened him with the duct tape to shut him up. you all know how much i love the duct tape. god only knows where i might stop if i have to tape his shit shut. or if i would stop. i think it would be beneficial to me to just tape his shit shut all the way around. i would at least get to enjoy the movie i'm watching.
he pretty much ruins everything for me.
in the beginning, when i first hooked up with him, i loved to watch football. i used to have football parties on sunday & watched faithfully to support my hometeam. but after watching game after game with no end in sight i finally conceded that i wasn't that much of a football fan if it meant that i watched one game after another, all day long, to show my support, then my support was lacking. i like to support my team but thats all i need to do. i don't need to know every score..from every game..from everyday..all day long. he killed my enthusiasm for the wonderful game of football to the point of hating to watch football at all.
but it wasn't only football. it became an all day...sports thing...any sports...all out...all sports!....all intense...all control...all far as i'm concerned.
now, i would rather take a very long walk or drown myself instead of having to watch the sports shit with him.
isn't that pitiful?
how can one person make you hate something that bad? live with my husband for a week. he'll figure it out.