Monday, August 13, 2007

Great Times For Great Memories

last night we kept the kids up late so we could lay in the yard & watch the perseid meteor shower . it was so fun. actually, we only had 2 this weekend. jammer & ixxie & they told us that they had never seen a shooting star before so we told them they had to make wishes on them & not tell so the wishes would come true. we layed on a sheet in the front yard..held hands & watched the sky for about 3 hours. it was a series of 'oh, theres one..ahh, another cool, that was a pretty long one...memaw, over there, papaw, right above your head, and on and on. we also named stars we saw, yeah, i know, technically, they have their own names but this was just for us. they named them after me & papaw & daddy & granddaddy & themselves & friends. it was just great bonding time. the next shower is on the 1st of sept & we'll have all 4 then. i hope these are memories they'll keep with them the rest of their lives. I know I just wanted to squeeze them hard & tell them how much I loved them. And to never forget these memories. it was just such great fun! the kids have wonderful imaginations & i love to encourage that. the topper was when jammer asked, 'have we bonded enough? i think i'm getting tired'. theres always a pooper in every party. course, it was 2:30 in the a.m.


Walker said...

I know when the kids become adults and see a shooting star they will remember that day you all lay out there for the first time watching a meteor shower