Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sperm Donor At 70

My sperm donor just turned 70 years old. his new wifey, widget (i don't know why that came to mind but i think its fitting) threw a surprise birthday party for him. and it was a surprise. i don't think he had a clue until all the people that he hadn't seen in years started turning up one by one...carloads! dad isn't the sharpest tool in the shed so i'm not sure exactly when he caught on but i'm sure by the time he saw the birthday cake & everyone sang 'happy birthday' he was in on it. i think his sister & her oldest daughter showed up first & said they were there to see if he wanted to go the cemetary with them so as not to ruin the surprise before the rest of the guests showed up. well, being his birthday he declined that offer but shortly thereafter everyone & his daughters started pulling in & i think the light bulb might have started a dim twinkle. by the time sonny showed up he was in full birthday swing. little buzz going & all. he actually hugged sonny & started acquainting himself with great grandkids that he had only met once midnight while they sat in the car. i didn't feel like he deemed the respect to get them out of the car. afterall we had waited for him to show up for hours while he sat at the top of the hill & acted like we didn't exist. back to the party though. it was actually a fun time. the kids loved getting to know him & he didn't let on that we were intruding on his life at all. he was a different man for the day. telling everyone he loved them & even being nice to honey. even if he couldn't remember her name. it was way too hot to ride horses & the kids were really disappointed over that but they still got to pet & feed them. they were cool with that. dad was pretty glad to see sonny & i was glad for that. after we left nipper said he talked to her about how glad he'd been to see us all, sorry over how stupid he acted & he was sorry he hadn't handled things better. i don't think he expected sonny to be as stubborn as he was. 2 wrongs do not make a right. thats been proven over & over. i don't know, maybe dad is just getting old. too bad you can't go back & change your mistakes but maybe he'll put a little more effort into being a grandpa & greatgrandpa than he did in just being a dad.
nahhh, he'll die a sperm donor.


ML said...

Cute pics Lindy but I think you need to tell Sonny somethings up with his arm :-)

Little Photoshopitis maybe!

Walker said...

You can't teach an old dog new tricks but as they get old they stop playing the old ones and life becomes simpler.
Your father may not change but he may lighten up a bit.

Lindy said...

Hey ML, good eye but I knew I wasn't gonna be able to pull that off. I cut someone out. Walker, dad still goes on & on about the hotties that look at him. I don't know about him but his little wifey is only 3 years older than me. Scary!