Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Snap! Theres My Man

on monday my big guy started preschool. he rode a bus all by himself & left the safety of all he has ever known. you know what? he didn't shed one damn tear! i've only cried for a week cos this means he's growing up way too fast for me. ahhh, look at my big guy. getting on the bus. all by himself.
i wasn't there but his mommy told me how he climbed those steps onto the bus, introduced himself to the driver, shook her hand & took a seat. just exactly like the little man that i expected him to be. course, i knew leaving his mother behind wasn't gonna be a problem. ( tears?) he comes here every weekend & never gives her a second thought. his daddy on the other hand is a different story. luckily he was working out of state so big guy didn't have to deal. honey took pix of the whole ordeal. she wasn't given a choice. it was take pix or die! knowing her she didn't do the most important step of his 4 year old lifes hughest accomplishment justice. i've been pretty melancholy over this big step in his life & looking back through my photo albums of his daddy & his first day of school. he only cried a little as he told me he would miss me more than i would ever know. that was his exact words but when he saw that bus pull up with all those kids the tears disappeared & he got excited quickly. i talked to jammer monday night & he told me how much bumpier the road was being in the bus than in the car. he said he got to ride bicycles & had races & how ms. teachmeeverythingyouknow (from here on out will be known as ms. tmetyk) took pix of them. he said he got to color & tell a story about cayuga & the wolves that we made up. he had the best time & loved being in school. i hope he keeps this positive attitude & learns easily. the one thing i really can't believe is the fact that his blankie wasn't even thought about. i can't even put the damn thing in the wash without him staying on my ass every second that its out of his hands about how soon he can have it back. one time half way through the wash cycle he said he thought it was clean enough to go ahead & pull out. i asked him about drying it & he said he liked it wet just fine. i mean we can't do anything until he has this damn blankie in his hands. god forbid we can't find it for a minute. all hell breaks loose. so he traded in his blankie for a backpack & grew up on me. snap! just like that. overnight.
well, we'll just see about that. i have him alone this weekend. muwahahaha, memaws heaven.


Walker said...

They grow up fast and in some ways help you grow up to.
But not to worry in time he will learn about algebra and calculas and want to drop out of school fast unless the teaher is hot HA HA HA

Have a nice weekend with him alone :)