Tuesday, August 21, 2007


i wanted to share this with you. my new sister in law has discovered she is due on oct. 4. they don't want to know the sex of the child which is a good thing for a first pregnancy. the surprise when the doctor holds the baby up is one of the most awesome things i think a parent ever knows. i wonder if my mother & father in law will be in the room with them. i would love to be there to take pictures. i have pix of jammer as they pulled first one foot then the other & finally his butt out. step by step as he was removed from the cut in her stomach. he was breach for those of you that don't remember. for me that would be the most special thing i could ever do for them. they are good kids & i hope everything goes well for them. a new baby to love on for me. i can almost smell the new baby scent. i love the smell of newborns fresh from a bath. all the baby oil & powder is such a sweet scent. he looks so peaceful doesn't he? i'm waiting too for that first squall. he won't be so fucking peaceful then! later.


Walker said...

Just tell me she knew she was pregnant before now.
I would hate to think she thought she had gas the last 5 months.

You're just a baby lover LOL

I was there when my oldest was born and it was a site to see and they do smell better after a bath ha ha ha

Have a nice day