Thursday, August 09, 2007

You Go Girl

have i mentioned that we bought all the kids new bikes? jammer & the twins are little bitty cutsey bikes with training wheels. of course, we had to add those. well, hubby did. he hates it when i take credit for something he does. i don't think twice about something when i say 'we' did it but damn, if it doesn't rub him the wrong way. i think thats cos he really does so little that when he does accomplish something he hates to share the credit. whatever. anyway, they have training wheels & ixxie got a 20 inch that she learned to ride last weekend. took a few wrecks & alot of pushing, balancing, close calls & rayyyys! but she finally rode it on her own. walker says i should name my 'bike gang' hells bells. what do you think? i could dress them all in leather & run with them through the neighborhood cos god knows i can't stand that little seat stuck up my ass these days.
i have to apologize for my lack of posting. i spend alot of time on the lost & found sites these days. they tell me not to give up on finding mr. p but i get so disillusioned when i see all the lost birds. makes me want to take all the found ones in & love them. i think about all the cute things he did & i just know someone out there has my baby & is trying to teach him to love them instead. he's so sweet that he will love them with time & patience.
ms. m hasn't been herself lately. i'm not sure if thats due to her being in heat or missing mr. p. i hope she comes out of it soon whatever it is cos she's worrying me.
ixxie started back to school last monday. jammer & the twins start on the 20th. i'm hating honey more & more every day. she started a fight with mojo, the twins mommy, which is gonna bite sonny in the ass. he'll be back in court within the month for more child support. on top of that she informs me that she has been suffering from sleep deprivation & has been leaving jammer sitting in front of the tv while she lays down to try & nap. he's 4. do you really think he's not gonna get hurt if this keeps up? a 4 year old without supervision is like trusting my bird not to fly out an open door. shit happens. i'm telling you right now if something happens to my grandbaby i will be in prison for hurting that sorry bitch.


Walker said...

A child of four should be not left alone in a hosue while the parent is asleep or out.

Does she work, is that why she is missing sleep or is it because she doesnt go to bed early enough?
I can see you wanting to smack her but you can''t. From what I see you are the only solid thing those kids have.

Biker outfits sound good.
They coul;d terrorize the sidewalks, they probably already do lol

have a nice day and continued luck on finding Mr P

Rainex said...

Hey girl-glad to c u
still about!

Lindy said...

Walker, thats the thing that pisses me off the worst! The bitch doesn't work & refuses to do so. Even knowing Sonny is about to lose everything she still insists that she will not work but still leaves the baby to watch himself. He starts school on the 20th so at least he'll have supervision then. RAINEX! I thought you were doing vacation! I'm still here dear, where are you?