Sunday, April 20, 2008

Productivity Is In The Air

hubby mowed the yard today. i love that smell. i finally got him to transplant my carnations away from the bike trail the kids have through the yard. maybe this year they'll actually get a chance to bloom. right now i can't complain about the yard. it looks pretty good. next thing on the list is coating the roof & painting the house. both need to be done pretty bad but we really have to make sure we get a good week with no rain before we can attemp that. i hate when the outside looks so crappy. i'm so glad its getting warm enough to get these things done. goodbye winter. i won't miss you while your away. unfortunately you will return all too soon.
he also fixed an oil leak in the car. yayyy. i was getting really tired of our newly tarred driveway being covered with oil. good way to ruin a nice tar job pretty quick. we took the car to a carwash & cleaned it up. cherry was in dire need of a good wash. this is the way we get things done thing at a time. i can't motivate hubby too much without owing him big time so i take whatever i can get. i cleaned curtains in the house & we aired it all out for the first time so far this year. the inside almost smells as nice as the outside.
all in all it was a pretty productive weekend. no kids make these things possible. no kids makes me find other things to keep us busy is what it boils down to.
time to get ready for another work week. hope you have a good week.


Walker said...

Por dishsoap on the oil stain to remove them. It worked on my interlock.

I wish i had a lawn but I have flower beds so I guess that better than nothing.

Spring is in the air and the tulips are coming up for some with the daffodiles.

This is one of my favorite seasons and is fall.

Paintiong the house is a pain in the ass that's all i got to say but it doesn look nice all painted

Tammi said...

Ya see why on my recent post why I am looking forward to this infatuation/lust/adoration with this newbie I just met to work out!
I mean....I want a hubby to fix an oil leak....make my yard look pretty....good grief,L.,I would be grateful just getting mine mowed right about now,hahaha.
You never know how you miss that married life till it goes bad(like mine did) and you wind up single.Although I can say I DON'T miss my ex.....but I sometimes miss the good days before crap went terribly wrong.
But hey,when u get a sec.,come check out my new found friend.I'm sorta on cloud 9,but thinking maybe it's a bit premature.
Just thethought of getting my oil checked,sounds awesome...You lucky gal you!
Take Care,