Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Heart Strings

this week & last week being 'spring break' from school is the beginning of our busy season. people start thinking about what to do with the kids when summer comes. although, the weather really hasn't been playing fair people still make use of their memberships. we also do a direct mail piece enticing new members to join. the phones start ringing off the hook & you can hear screaming kids everywhere. some cos they don't want to go home, some cos they are out of the house & are turned loose. either way i don't have time for stupid shit at work. well, honey called about noon today to inform me they lost a puppy. turns out this puppy somehow managed to get hold of a poisoned mouse. they took it to a vet but really couldn't afford to leave her there so the vet gave them shots to administer but the puppy died anyway. honey was beside herself. she was so upset that she couldn't put her down (her words). so there she sat...holding a dead puppy...blubbering all over front of her children...holding a dead puppy...while her children were losing their fucking minds... cos they saw their mommy screaming over a dead puppy. jammer was crying so hard he couldn't breathe, let alone talk, to me. he was trying to tell me how sorry he was for mistreating this puppy. why wouldn't his mother explain to him that this wasn't his fault? that he shouldn't be blaming himself? cos she was too busy being a distraught, self centered, bitch that didn't care how totally she was upsetting her children with her reaction. she called me in the middle of my busy day to tell me how she couldn't stop crying & put this DEAD puppy down. she wanted sympathy for herself. not the puppy, not her children, she wanted me to feel sorry for her cos she was so upset over the dead fucking puppy. its not like this is the only dog they have. theres like 5 other dogs running around their house including another puppy. honestly, i felt so sorry for jammer i could have snatched honey up by the hair of her head & twisted it off. her head, her hair, her face, take your pick, i would have twisted any of them off if i had my hands on her. how stupid can this woman really be? is that how you teach your children about death & grief? personally, i would think the best way to handle that would be explain about going home to jesus & how you should rejoice for their reunion in heaven. how when we all get to heaven someday we will get to play with that puppy that will be happy living with jesus. not stupid honey, no sireee. she had to traumitize her kids with her ignorance. am i wrong in feeling this way? i mean, yes, you can shed tears over the death of a sweet little puppy but do you really go off the deep end in front of your innocent young children? i calmed jammer down on the phone & told him they should bury the puppy with her toys & pray for her. have a little funeral & maybe sing a song for her but to remember she isn't in any pain. she's happy with jesus in heaven. i called back a little later & he told me he cried so hard it made him get sick. he literally vomited from crying so hard. my poor guy. my heart goes out to him for having to live with this idiot mother of his. sonny called tonight to let me know that jammer finally cried himself to sleep after they sat in the chair together & talked about how the puppy just wasn't living here anymore but she was still playing with jesus in heaven. why couldn't honey have comforted her baby boy like that instead of letting him suffer through her ignorance? i'm telling you friends, i just don't get this woman. this is something that will always stick in my grandsons memory. i wonder if he'll ever actually forgive himself for something he could have done to this puppy thinking it may have contributed to her death. i wonder if i'll ever actually forgive honey for letting her baby think he may have contributed to this puppys death. i wonder if i'll ever commit to beating honeys ass for this one. if i ever catch her in a dark alley alone, she better watch her back. i'll be the one beating her with a dead puppy.


Tammi said...

How selfish of her to not put her OWN thoughts aside and sit there boo-hoo'ing with this dead puppy in her hands.Not even considering how her children feel about the death of their precious puppy.
I'm sorry,but that's just downright selfish and cruel.Just the image of the lil man crying,blaming himself for the puppy's death and HER not even comforting him at all.What kind of mother is THAT?Shame on her!!
It's been like 35 years,or so since my little sister took my oldef sisters little chick and broke it's little neck,and that is something that my oldest sister NEVER has forgotten.Geez! It was an accident.My little sister was a toddler at the time,and didn't mean to break it's neck...but my older sister held that over her head for years,and even though it sounds like JUST a childhood mishap,it had a devastating effect on my baby sister for many years.
So shame on H for not hugging that little man close and telling him"It's OK,baby,it's NOT your fault!"
That erks me.

Tammi said...

UUGH! I should proof read before sending.These dang sculptured nails are getting on my when I get angry I type furiously..
In the 3rd paragraph...what I MEANT to say is"It's been like 35 years or so,since my little sister took my oldest sisters'little chick & broke it's neck,and that's something my YOUNGEST sister has NEVER THIS case,she DID accidently kill the lil chick....but my oldest sister spent years torturing my younger sister with that."
Of course the difference being....your grandson had nothing to do with the death of that puppy,it could still leave a devastating memory forever,just blamimg himself.
Poor little guy.

ML said...

How the hell does that woman cope with walking and breathing at the same time? How the hell can she look after 5 dogs and kids aswell when she can't look after herself? Plant some child porn on her pc and then call the feds..that'll sort that little issue.

Walker said...

She has children?!?

I don;t know, some people are just born stupid