Friday, April 25, 2008

Their Special Day

snukie & snarkie, today is their birthday. their 6th to be exact. they are both my precious babies & i miss them very much. i haven't gotten them since christmas when their mother deemed it allowable for them to visit me for the weekend. i email her every week asking her to remind them how much we all love them & miss them. i'm sure she doesn't. hell, i'm not even sure she opens my emails anymore.
in the beginning she actually left them with sonny for months saying she needed to get on her feet. then the court date came up that layed everything out on paper as for how much money sonny had to pay in arrearage (sp?) & child support. he made the mistake of accepting that the verbal agreement they had between them was good enough & didn't bother getting that on paper. (i did raise a trusting soul) and she was fine with that until she got his money. then all of a sudden she found a reason to get pissed off & just cut us off. now we've learned that the only way he has of getting visitation with them is to schedule another court date & having a judge order his visitation rights. with sonny not working the winter months he hasn't had the money to do that. now that the weather is getting better & work is picking up he'll be able to. mojo deserves an ass whopping & i'm hoping the judge sees fit to be the one that dishes it out. as for my granddaughters, i wish them a wonderful birthday & hope i'll get to see them for their next.


Walker said...

I have had my share and have had to get a thick skin.
Mine ran off even after a court order was issued against her.