Saturday, April 19, 2008

Which Comes First?

its been pretty boring here in alien nation lately so just for something to talk about i thought i'd let you voice in on my retirement fund dilemma. seems we're changing over to a 401k (which is something i've wanted for 10 years) from the current retirement fund we've been feeding into. in the process we now have a choice of taking our funds now or rolling them over into the 401k. i'm thinking how often do you get the chance to enjoy your retirement fund in advance? granted its not much right now. i haven't worked where i'm at long enough to have a lot of money paid in but its a nice little chunk. lets face it chunks are nice no matter how small. i still have the rest of my life to pay into a retirement fund & i may not get the chance to enjoy it down the road. if this heart scare turns out to be the death of me. i might as well take the money & run or in this case i'm thinking buy some land to expand on. what are your thoughts? should i take the money now & better my living situation or leave it for just before i die to live on? did you know a woman has to work in the last 5 years before her retirement to draw social security? that gives me at least 14 years to work & build my retirement fund again. even if i just take what the company pays into the fund for me it'll be another nice chunk. if i add to that it'll look better in that amount of time. i have a friend who is taking her brokers license test in the next few months & i thought i might give her some to play with. who knows, maybe she'll be an ass kicking broker & make me millions? wouldn't that be nice? i'd love to set sonny up for a comfortable life & maybe be able to do a little for my grandkids too while i'm still here. i don't want to wait till i'm dead to pass out the bucks. i'd like to see them get it & do something constructive while i'm still alive.
what do you think? take it now or roll it over? use it to live like a queen or save it & die a pauper leaving it to my family?
either way i'm still counting on the broker. or the lottery. whichever comes first.


ML said...

My opinion on this is that the money should only be taken out if you are going to spend it on something else that will earn you money - like property or land... something that has the ability to go up in value. Otherwise, let it go to the 401k. I'd be worth while talking to a financial advisor for some advice.