Sunday, April 27, 2008

Shopping Can Be Fun

we put off going grocery shopping until today. we usually do our shopping on wednesday or thursday. i wanted to run by wal-mart & get hubby a new pair of gym shoes & some gravel for the garden this weekend. we really didn't need too much so we figured while we were out gasing the car we'd just do everything at once. in theory it all sounded like a great plan. i should have asked hubby to what point he would cooperate before we started. we got into wal-mart. the kids wanted to check out the fish as usual. while we were in the pet section i thought, hmm, check out toys for ms. m. & she needed a new leash anyway. we also wanted to pick up some sort of remote for a light we have, we cruised through electronics. on our way to pick up shoes we went through the television section. we've been talking about a new tv but we really don't know much about the digitals so we just kinda looked through, pricing & checking out best pictures..that sort of thing. i had promised the kids they could each pick a toy. so after hubby picked out his shoes we headed for the toy section. this is where things started going sour. hubby decided he wanted to start pricking out and prick out he did. he started standing at the end of the row with his arms crossed leaning against the shelf. i saw the signs & knew it was time to just head out so i encouraged the kids to be as fast as they could which still took some time. i mean if i just turned them loose to choose a toy i could've spent 40 bucks real quick but i told them to keep it around 5 dollars each. i thought they were pretty good & i didn't feel like we had spent too much time. besides i still needed to grab a bag of gravel. but the ass decided he'd spent enough time so what did he do? hello!!! he left us. he went back out to the car. leaving me with the kids & having to pick up this big ass bag of gravel by myself. see, this is how my better half works. you know how i work? pay backs, mother fucker, pay back is a bitch. how has your weekend been going? i'm doing lots of planning for the remainder of mine.


Walker said...

Payback is fun to ;) LOL

Well I had Easter with some of the family.
It was fattening and I did go out and pick up a plant and some clay pots.
Like i need more ha ha ha

Next week i go out for pout door plants and grocery shopping with my mother which is fun kinda.

My father when he goes shopping its the opposite.
You haver to hunt him down and drag him out of a store like Wal Mart

Anonymous said...

An hour at Wal-Mart is more than anyone should endure. Especially with two more stops to make .

Anonymous said...

Ahh I can comment again!

You're MIA Lindy - it hasnt gone unnoticed!