Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And Away We Go

alrighty then. i'm bbaaaacccckkkkkk! i got it all back together. fixed the dynamic link library i was missing. it was a bitch too! XP is now up & running like a charm. i'm almost afraid to brag on it though. you know how that goes?
i want to go visit my friends soon so i'm not gonna post a big ole long entry right now. besides i want to tell you about the graduation party for my nephew. except i let my sissy take my camera home so she could go ahead & download the pics cos her pc already had xp on it. i bought this really new cool camera but realized that it wasn't supported by my os. which is why i bought xp in the first place.
so, i'm gonna go cruise the net for now. i'll be back soon.


Walker said...

Ah, the smell of new toys LOL